Physically-Correct Plastic Shader

by ddesign in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Physically-Correct dielectric shader + materials for archviz and product visualization


This file contains a brand-new plastic shader, stored as node group with all the complex stuff bundled in a container! You get full control with Diffuse, Specular, Glossiness and Normal map and relative sliders. It's even easier than the standard Principled Shader! In addition, there are 9 materials created using this shader, with carefully-tweaked settings for a ready-to-use library a your disposal


No matter what light setup do you use, a physically correct material will Always look realistic, under any condition. So if you've struggled in the past with parameters tweaking just to have a material looking good ONLY in one scene, then you' ll see the benefits of having a setup which can be used in any scenario, Always


The complex stuff in the nodes setup has been grouped, leaving out only common input values such as color, roughness, bump size and strength. Of course, you can input your values in numbers, or use an image texture for each one so it can easily fit in your standard workflow


Each material is photorealistic straight out of the box, no need for complex light-setups


Please note that only materials and HDRi are included in the file: the models and the scene are only examples of applications

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