Photorealistic Fire Hydrant

by Blackhart Films' Marketplace in Models

Urban Detail!

Add detail to your Urban scenes with this high-quality photorealistic fire-hydrant mesh. The base mesh is 2,600 polys, with hard-surface techniques used such that at Subsurf. 3 (162k polys) this model looks perfectly smooth and sharp. Utilising PBR textures and my original PBR Material Node (included free with this asset), this asset looks great in any environment and lighting conditions!

Game Dev Ready!

As an indie game dev myself, this model is designed with real-time restrictions in mind. The base mesh is around 2,600 polys; this object makes the most of texture detail for photorealism in games. Two Ultra HD texture sets are included, the default PBR maps for use in Blender or UE4, and PBR maps made for use in Unity 5's Standard Shader. Made using Substance Painter.



St├ęphan Ginier (Sketchfab 3D Engineer): "Nicely done! I thought it was photogrammetry at first glance..."

Abby Crawford (Sketchfab Master): "Beautifully done, Blackhart! It's so realistic."

NomadKing (Sketchfab Master): "This is great Blackhart, the material work is amazing and very photorealistic! Good job"