Photorealistic eye generator

by CesarSalcedoCG in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Do you have problems getting unique eyes for each of your characters? Do you want an eye of photorealistic quality which can be used even in close proximity shots? Look no further, this is your product and never again will the eyes be a worry.

Infinite eyes

This is a generator of procedural eyes (mathematically generated) based on cycles nodes for Blender, this is able to generate both the part of the iris and the sclera. The part of the iris besides the bump map also works as a displacement map, to get more realistic results. With this product you will be able to generate infinite photorealistic quality eyes.

Easy to use

The generator is designed for both professional and personal use, being very easy to use.Its operation is so simple that you can get all the textures of your eye, just by pressing the F12 key once you have adjusted the parameters to your liking.Because this system is based on a complex node tree, it is possible to modify it, but you must take into account that it has been the product of more than six months of work, so the changes inside its structure can give results not wanted.

Random mode 

Probably this is the biggest innovation in generators. In this mode, it is not even necessary to change the parameters, only with you advancing or rewinding a frame, they will vary by themselves and an eye will be generated in less than a second. This is exceptionally fast and does not require any knowledge. In the next video you can see the generator in Random mode for more than one hour.

Experienced Blender CG artist

This product was created by an artist with more than 10 years of experience in Blender, his name is César Salcedo, whose work has been recognized in several occasions by pages such as Blender Nation and Blender Artist. 

The satisfaction of the client is our priority, reason why the correction of any bug that this article may contain is guaranteed. The requests or suggestions of the clients will also be taken into account.

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This product includes a complete user guide :

English user guide:

Guia de usuario en español:

40 % off, limited to 60 sales

How change de pupil contraction?

The iris object contains a shape key for this, it is called " Pupil contract"

This is a full version of this addon?

Of course, this is a full and updated version.

Is it possible to change the shape of the pupil to get a more animal eye ?

Yes, in the new version 1.2  reptilians and cats iris have been included

Do I need a powerful device for this product?

The generator will work on any PC that supports Blender, but an i5 processor or higher is recommended. It would also be positive to have a decent graphics card.

How can I get my textures for the eye?

The textures will be generated automatically only by pressing the F12 key in the scene: Visualization fast (only emission). No more action is required. The file will be saved by default in the "C: \ Eye generator" directory.

Item Rating

This item has an average rating of 5 from 6 ratings by the community.

  • Craige about 2 months ago

    Solid eyes; esp liked the option of getting left and right eye alternates with only one setting changed. Some anatomical additions could make this totally 5-star. The best available for blender!

  • Peter Willemsen 5 months ago

    Works really well, the only thing that would be a nice addition is the ability to change the size of the iris!

  • Gustavo Guzman 6 months ago

    The eye is clearly professionally modeled and interface, easy to use. well worth the purchase.

  • Fyodor 7 months ago

    Produces really good results and easy to use!

  • Mickael Krebs 7 months ago

    Best eye generator all soft, all time. Very friendly user, best buy than i did since a long time.

  • lombardo thibault 8 months ago

    5/5 you can buy closed eyes (no pun intended).
    This is the best eye generator available for blender. the results are so realistic that many people thought they saw eye pictures. the documentation is very well done, everything is well explained and very clear. we can easily understand all the parameters. César Salcedo worked more than 6 months on this generator and the result is here! I am really satisfied and impressed. a big thank you and congratulations. I hope you will offer other products in the future like hair or skin shader. BRAVO

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