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  • Tanadech Udompetchphan
    about 1 month ago

    Almost not happy at the start as if this need a proper tutorial video as it is quite a hard start. But during the figuring out about the workflow. This is a 6$ addons I felt so much worth to spend. For the improvement is to advertise it in a way that new user know where to start like they don't know how to. Even start from the Shrink wrap and so on to begin and use your addon. BTW, I was using it with Speed Retopo then I use Petik and it works the best as a combination. Firstly I use SpeedRetopo as a quick setup then remove the first vertices and start to use the Petik instead. I think if there is a new feature that you develop you should charge more as it worth more over time. Should keep adding features that other Retopo software have and make them even simpler. Then this will be super Retopo Killer. Thanks

  • CKShaw
    about 1 month ago


  • Ace
    2 months ago

    Needs some polishing. It would be nice if there's a suggestion channel in the discord

  • Evan Guillette
    3 months ago

    Literally revolutionized my way or Retopo. I used to hop out to 3D-coat or use something like Retopo flow but this has allowed me to stay in blender and work faster. it's fast enough to throw down lots of geo quickly and precise enough to not need to do much hand tweaking. Keep up the great work!

  • Joel Walden
    4 months ago

    Really straightforward patch-making tool! It's a great way to drop quads on a sculpt simply and easily with fairly predictable results and plenty of control without the controls getting in your way. Very much worth the money!

  • Krukovetsvp
    5 months ago

    Great tool. Makes work easier. But there is room to grow and develop. Instant support.

  • hbkhbk
    5 months ago


    • Mihai Dobrin

      5 months ago

      谢谢 :)
  • funksy
    5 months ago

    Absolutely atrocious experience. The examples look promising but the tool itself does not perform at all. Selecting and moving the control points is a pain. I might succeed moving a control point maybe 2 times out of 10. All in all the tool behaves very erratically. Oftentimes my newly generated patch gets flung completely to the opposite side of the mesh. And this happened already several times within the first ten minutes of trying it out.

    I'll throw in a star for the somewhat interesting and promising tech in the background, but the tool itself is useless. Even at six bucks I feel cheated.

    • Mihai Dobrin

      5 months ago

      UPDATE 3 May 2022 It took me some time to figure out why you encountered an issue with Petik. I fixed it and now Petik works for your particular use case. The 6 dollars I charge is not the price for the product, it's the price for the support. If I hadn't intended to fix bugs, create special features for users and offer support, I would have happily shared Petik on GitHub for free. I really do feel my time is worth the 6 usd, and likely a bit more than that
  • Yevhenii
    7 months ago

    i was dreaming about this tool in blender since first seen in topogun

  • Benedict Varga
    7 months ago

    Easy to work with once I realized that all I need to do is: 1) create a plane 2) enter Edit Mode 3) select and delete all vertices 4) then press Shift + Ctrl + Alt + X. 5) start retopology of unselected sculpted model.

    Anyway, thank you for making this and making my life easier! :-)

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