PETIK for Blender 2.93 and up

Version 1.0 brings an overhauled selection and points movement algorithm for more precise and accurate control.

Petik helps you create low-poly quad mesh in half the time

Petik is an effortless tool for retopology. It allows you to define your own geometry patches precisely the way you need them. You get up to six sides to one patch and a variable number of vertices on each side. This will hopefully give you a flexible tool that fits all particular use cases. 

You can make your mesh from scrap or connect mesh pieces to your preexisting geometry.  Petik integrates perfectly with what you already have in place and creates an amazing edge flow. 

  1. Simply click on the high-poly surface to create a neat geometry patch. Define large areas instead of one polygon at a time and allow the tool to accurately fill in the space. 

  2. Scroll for a variable number of vertices on each newly-created side. This allows you to create a denser or more airy mesh with a simple scroll of the mouse. 

  3. Drag corners around to adjust features without pinching or stretching the geometry.

  4. Modify patch edges using curves with variable number of control points. Define the lines by clicking end-points and modify them with multiple bezier points, instead of dragging and drawing. This gives you better precision and speed when using your mouse.     

Here is PETIK in action

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I built this tool specifically with speed and flexibility in mind, especially for redundant, drawn-out tasks. It should cover all of your low-poly needs. I want Petik to fit all or most work scenarios. It is very helpful to hear from people who use it. I do my absolute best to cover as many workstyles as I can. 

Thank you for your support! 

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Published 6 months ago
Software Version 2.93, 3.0, 3.1
License GPL
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