Pastel Action For Blender 2.8x

by Atelier Pastel in Scripts and Addons

       Setup tutorial 

Here we will explain what software and add-ons you need.
Then I will explain how to install and how to set it up.
The software and add-on download websites are as follows.


Pastel Action for Blender 2.8x

Ni Mate

Ni Mate Tools

Make Walk

Pastel Action


PastelAction for Blender 2.79

Ni Mate & Ni Mate Tools

Make Walk              

※ We can download from "blender plugins for".



       Operation method Tutorial

Introduction Let’s create human body model and set it up

Here, I explain how to make human body model and how to set up human model with Pastel Action.

Let's move the body.

I explain the influence range of IK and FK.
And then, I explain the control of leg / shoulder and arm

and lastly, the control of wrist / ankle / body trunk and head.

Let’s move fingers

Here, I explain how to move fingers. There are 3 modes to move fingers.

① Control mode by each finger

② Control mode by each finger joint

③ Control mode by all the fingers together

Other than that, there is the “all fingers recovery” function to undo all the control on fingers.

Let's use motion capture

 Here , I will explain
 ※Addition of motion using BVH file
  ※Real time motion capture
   ※How to mix the added motion and the hand motioned motion

Let's use multiple textures

Here, we will explain the function of overlaying and pasting textures.

※ Setting of multiple texture node

※ Texture setting for each layer

※ Add key frame

Let's hold an item

 In this section, we will allow the model to hold an item in its hand. Up to 20 items can be held in each hand, and each item will be able to be taken away.

Let's detect objects

In this section, I will explain about object detection for the bottom of the feet.
The object detection feature for the fingers on the hand is currently being renewed, so its explanation will be omitted.

Regarding user support