Pastel Action for Blender 2.79

by Atelier Pastel in Scripts and Addons

Easy character animations for ManuelbastioniLAB & Makehuman.

3D CG characters can execute a plethora of movements. They can stand on their tiptoes, hold items, make the V-sign, etc. We provide add-ons that follow the production of these character animations.

Main functions the add-ons provide

①Easy 1-click setup

②Dedicated UI generation

③Angle constraints  of each joint

④Built-in IK (inverse kinematics)

⑤Complex finger configuration

 ⑥Automatic motion correction

⑦Built-in item switching function

 ⑧Multilingual UI 

How to use Manuelbastioni LAB character.

How to use Makehuman character.

Check out the video of how to install the add-on.

1:Download add-on(zip file).

2:Unzip the zip file into this place.

C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79(your version)\scripts\add-on

3:Start Blender.


5:Choose 'Testing' supported level.

6:Turn on the add-on.

*****Please do not forget press the 'Save User Settings' button.*****

About this add-on.
Select the armature that has been created and apply the add-on by pressing the button “Apply this at fast.”
 *Because the script is extremely long, it may take time to apply the add-on.*Apply add-ons after mesh and weight has been attached to the full-sized armature.

This add-on does not assume the process of searching for bones in 3D view.Therefore, all selections for the necessary portions can be made by pressing the buttons displayed on the UI.

Joint rotation constraints have been set for armatures where add-ons have been applied.

If you would like to adjust the joint rotation constraints, select the “Display” button from the “Display/Hide Bones” panel depicted in the right figure. Once you select the desired bone from the displayed bones, you will be able to change the rotation of the bone constraints using “Limit Rotation.”

The premise of this add-on is that IK posing will be conducted (can be switched to FK as well).When operating IK, note that it is different from normal IK and does not require Pole Targets. For this reason, elbow, knee placement, twisting arms, etc., can be done by control rotation while selecting the control as displayed to the right.

The shape of the fingers will be selected using the buttons on the UI as displayed to the right.

When you press the “Select” button as displayed in the figure to the right, the shrinkwrap Modifier will appear. In the “Target” section of this modifier, select the object you would like to detect, and you will be able to automatically fix the motion by pressing “Enter.”

*When detecting objects in the fingers, by bringing the bones close to the palm in Edit Mode, the mesh is less likely to sink into the object.

In this add-on, you can make characters carry items. Please note that this feature varies from other features in that you will not select the armature of the characters in the setup stage.

To use this feature,

1. Select the armature of an item with mesh in Object Mode

2. Press the desired button within the “item bone setup” panel of Bone Constraint Properties

3. Select the character you want to equip the item with to the “Target” of the added Transform Copy Modifier.  

*Item location adjustment can be done when selecting items after the setup has been completed.

Once the item setup has been completed, the character will be equipped with the item. Item selection after this will be done as the armature of the character has been selected.

To select items,

1. Select a character’s armature

2. By pressing the desired button on the panel “item selection ” of the Bone Constraint Properties, the item will change.

3. The location of an item has been made adjustable as the item changes out, so conduct location adjustments as is.

The user interface (UI) of this add-on is available in multiple languages.

To select language,

1. Go to the User Preferences screen

2. Click the System tab to display the system screen

3. Enable “International Fonts”

4. Turn on all the buttons, “Interface,” “Tooltips,” and “New Data.”

5. Select desired “Language” settings

*If you do not press the “Save User Settings” button, the changes will not be saved.

*Languages available as of August 1, 2017 are as follows (more to be added upon availability):

1. Japanese

2. English

A simple script which allows easy customization, even for beginners

After using add-ons for a while, some might think they want to use it differently. When this happens, beginners may have trouble customizing if the script is difficult to read.

This add-on eliminated convenient but difficult to learn “for” and “while” loops. Moreover, things that can be stated at once such as (5, 7, 4), the figures representing “5 on the X-axis, 7 on the Y-axis, 4 on the Z-axis,” were indicated on each line, simplifying the script. 

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