Pastel Action for Blender 2.79

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Easy character animations for ManuelbastioniLAB & Makehuman.

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February 28, 2019 version 3.01 was released.

The tutorial video is updated from time to time, centering on changes, to version 3.0 version compatible version.

3D CG characters can execute a plethora of movements. They can stand on their tiptoes, hold items, make the V-sign, etc. We provide add-ons that follow the production of these character animations.

Main functions the add-ons provide

① Real time motion capture function
② Multiple texture function

③Angle constraints  of each joint

④Built-in IK (inverse kinematics)

⑤Complex finger configuration

 ⑥Automatic motion correction

⑦Built-in item switching function

 ⑧Multilingual UI 

       Setup tutorial Multiple software and add-ons are required to generate and control 3D characters.
Here we will explain what software and add-ons you need.
Then I will explain how to install and how to set it up.
In addition, this video is very long, 23 minutes and 53 seconds, and has 10 chapters.

The contents and start time of each chapter are as follows.

Chapter 1 General Remarks                             0:20
Chapter 2. Add Pastel Action                           1:50
Chapter 3. Add Make Human                          3:45
Chapter 4. Add Manuel Bastioni Lab              5:25
Chapter 5 Let's Add Vroid                               7:40
Chapter 6. Let's add an add-on for Make 
Human model data migration        9:07

Chapter 7 Let's Add Makewalk                      13:25
Chapter 8. Add Ni Mate & Ni Mate Tools    15:55
Chapter 9 Let's Add an Add-on for Vroid  
Model Data Migration     18:35                                                 
Chapter 10. Enable add-ons and language 
settings       20:30                                                                        


       Operation method Tutorial

Introduction Let’s create human body model and set it up

Here, I explain how to make human body model and how to set up human model with Pastel Action.

Let’s move arms and legs Preface Basic knowledge of IK and FK

In Pastel Action, we control arms and legs by switching 2 control methods called IK and FK. Here, I explain the difference of the two and basic pros and cons of both methods.

Let's move the body.

I explain the influence range of IK and FK.
And then, I explain the control of leg / shoulder and arm

and lastly, the control of wrist / ankle / body trunk and head.

Let’s move fingers

Here, I explain how to move fingers. There are 3 modes to move fingers.

① Control mode by each finger

② Control mode by each finger joint

③ Control mode by all the fingers together

Other than that, there is the “all fingers recovery” function to undo all the control on fingers.

Let's use motion capture

 Here , I will explain
 ※Addition of motion using BVH file
  ※Real time motion capture
   ※How to mix the added motion and the hand motioned motion

Let's use multiple textures

Here, I will explain how to add a material or video texture, and then paste multiple textures on top of that.

 In the first section, we will start with no material, and then add material and set a specialized node. After that, I will explain how to add a texture and have it reflected in the material.

 In the middle section, I will explain how to add video textures, and the unique settings for video textures.

 In the last section, we will use the feature for adding specialized keyframes for multiple textures and make a multiple texture animation.

Let's hold an item

 In this section, we will allow the model to hold an item in its hand. Up to 20 items can be held in each hand, and each item will be able to be taken away.

Let's detect objects

In this section, I will explain about object detection for the bottom of the feet.
The object detection feature for the fingers on the hand is currently being renewed, so its explanation will be omitted.

What changed in version upgrade to version 3.01?

The object detection submenu UI was not compatible with English.
It corresponds to English.

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