Pastel Action for Blender 2.79

by Atelier Pastel in Scripts and Addons

Easy character animations for ManuelbastioniLAB & Makehuman.

May 11, 2018 Version 2.4.0 released

3D CG characters can execute a plethora of movements. They can stand on their tiptoes, hold items, make the V-sign, etc. We provide add-ons that follow the production of these character animations.

Main functions the add-ons provide

①Easy 1-click setup

②Dedicated UI generation

③Angle constraints  of each joint

④Built-in IK (inverse kinematics)

⑤Complex finger configuration

 ⑥Automatic motion correction

⑦Built-in item switching function

 ⑧Multilingual UI 

preface   Let’s check out the software and add-ons that we need.

Step 1  Let’s download Makehuman.

Step 2  Let’s add ManuelBastioniLAB.

Step 3  Let’s add Makewalk.

Step 4  Let’s add add-on for model data migration.

Step 5 Let’s add Pastel Action.


Let’s import HBM(human body model) and setup

Basic knowledge of IK and FK

What changed in version upgrade to version 2.4.0?

Added 'trg file' to make motion capture function more accurately.
The motion capture function changed the 3D view to be in object mode when it is set to motion addition mode.
We changed the name of each layer of the multiple texture function. There is no change in function.

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