Pack - Bamboo Trees ( 10+ Tree Models And Ue4 Animated Material )

by Xotherz in Models

A pack that contains 7 bamboo trees types , 3 dead trunks , 2 stumps and 6 leaf piles . All the assets have bee made with texture count in mind so the entire pack uses only 2 materials , some models use only one . You will find a UE4 leaf material in this pack , it includes a simple wind animation on the leafs of the bamboo trees .

The leaf animation is based on vertex painting , so as long as you can leverage that in you engine you can also make a material in another game engine and use it . Please keep in mind that by default UE4 ignores any vertex paint of imported meshes so you will have to change that .

Materials : PBR - Metallic- Roughness with channel packing in 1k , 2k and 4k rez .

Subsurface is derived from base color inside the UE4 shader so you save one texture samples .

No seams on the bamboo trunks , even though the bamboo trunks use a sheet texture , you will not see a texture seam on the models !

Tris count : Bamboo Patch A = 4,317 Bamboo Patch Dead = 504 Bamboo Tree A = 6,628 Bamboo Tree B = 8,596 Bamboo Tree C = 28,158 , C1 = 17,773 , C2 = 10,947 Bamboo Tree A/B dead = 168 Bamboo Stumps = 132 Dead leaf cards = 8 to 16 tris per card .

Published 3 months ago
Software Version 2.9
Render Engine Used eevee
Misc Data uvs-unwrapped, normal-mapped, textured
License Royalty Free
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