Optimized Rocks For Desert, Grass And Snow Environments

by Anton Tenitsky in Models

17 Low-Poly rocks:

Rock_Huge_01 - 8k trisĀ 

Rock_Huge_02 - 8k tris

Rock_Huge_03 - 7k tris

Rock_Huge_04 - 8k tris

Rock_Large_01 - 4k trisĀ 

Rock_Large_02 - 4k tris

Rock_Large_03 - 3k tris

Rock_Large_04 - 6k tris

Rock_Medium_01 - 3k tris

Rock_Medium_02 - 3k tris

Rock_Medium_03 - 2.5k tris

Rock_Small_01 - 2k tris

Rock_Small_02 - 2k tris

Rock_Small_03 - 2k tris

Rock_Tiny_01 - 1.5k tris

Rock_Tiny_02 - 2k tris

Rock_Tiny_03 - 1.5k tris


10 4096x4096 texture sets that cover all rocks

10 4k rock maps for tileable detail

13 2k-4k environment textures for grass, sand, sand, moss