Nursery Asset Pack 1

by Killian Murphy in Models

First Collection of Nursery Furniture 

This pack includes Cot bed (configurable), Wardrobe and Draws with Changing Table

All models have clean geometry and are UV unwrapped for texturing. Modifiers have been applied in advance Every piece is named accordingly. The models don't have any materials on them. 

The models can be used in any render engine.

I've included the Cot Mobile seen in the final render with Planets Image, best used when combined with a fabric texture

Created in 2.8, but you can get assess to the models in older versions by appending into your scene. 

Models set up to be moved and rotated using the empties, then individual elements can be modified by selecting and moving them (such as draws, or removing the railings from the cot)

10% of earnings go towards the Blender Development fund 

If you have any questions please feel free to ask