by Thatimster in Scripts and Addons

Opening the same images for each project?

Searching for texture maps wastes valuable time that could be spent creating! Moving the blend file location will also cause pink renders due to broken image references.

Always using the same nodes? 

Almost all materials have some nodes in common, and repeatedly adding the same nodes also wastes time. 

Wish you had your own addon to add your own custom nodes?


Node2Code lets you build an addon from your own custom node shaders! 

No more opening the same images or nodes!


  1. Select your Node setup (with or without images)
  2. Generate the script
  3. Export the addon
  4. Load the new addon into Blender 

Instant 1 click access, available immediately every time you open Blender, no additional setup required.

Once an addon, always an addon! Add custom shaders with any number of images instantly with 1 click.

Convert your node setup once and have it immediately available whenever you open Blender!

Have your own addon running in no time with a simple 4 step construction process.

Construct any node setup into a single shader addon or combine them to build your own personal shader collection!

Want to share your addon with other people? 
No problem! Node2Code will automatically zip up your addon into a ready to share format! 

Users of your addon will just need to:

  1. Download the addon
  2. Click "install from file" in user preferences

Need to learn more?

Discover further customizations, tips and tricks through the comprehensive documentation included with the addon!

Extended Edition (+$10):

Take your addon to the next level with 4 additional customization guides, for maximum flexibility, uniqueness and aesthetics. 

Future Roadmap (to do list):

  • Blender 2.8 support (Done)
  • Reroute support (Done)
  • Frames support (Done)
  • Texture packaging support (Done)
  • Guides for Custom Image Icons + Panel Location (Done)
  • Compositing node support (Done)
  • Edit Custom Addon Properties from Node2Code Panel (Done)
  • World node support (Done)
  • Texture node support

Update Log:

v1.61 Minor bug fixes

  • Addon combining causing problems with deployment
  • Allowing spaces in naming
  • Multi-group deployment

v1.6 Massive improvement update

  • Automatic removal of unused node trees
  • Automatic reusing of node trees
  • only used images are packed / saved (should reduce addon size)
  • broken image links are automatically removed
  • color ramps now fully supported
  • generated addons get their own tab
  • only N2C texts can be successfully exported
  • overwrite option added
  • compositing image node fixes
  • addon now packaged in a zip file so you don't need to extract anything
  • world support

v1.5 Editing addon properties from UI

  • Addon properties such as category, author, location and much more can now be edited from within the user interface!

  • Documentation update

v1.4 Compositing node support added

  • Custom Node setups can now be generated for both compositor and material nodes
  • Material properties now also copied across
  • Documentation update
  • New goal added to allow for UI editing of addon properties (avoid having to unpack / repackage addon before deploying).

v1.3 Extra customization guides added

  • Guide for adding custom image icons added
  • Guide for changing panel location added
  • Enhanced guide of adding Blender icons to EnumProperty items (1 icon per option)
  • Documentation updated with more thorough walkthrough of combining addons
  • UI prompt added when combining multiple addons without specifying a name

v1.2 Massive Re-Architecture Update

  • Texture packing supported
  • Frames supported
  • Automatic addon zipping
  • 50% Reduced file size
  • Speed upgrade
  • Better workflow
  • Improved user interface

v1.11 Fixed bugs + reroute support

  • Issues with euler properties for nodes such as the mapping node have now been fixed and encode correctly.
  • All input nodes now have their values stored
  • Reroute support added
  • Bug preventing multiple node groups fixed
  • Minor code improvements

2.80 Support Officially Released! 
Node2Code now supports customized addon building within Blender 2.80, including cross engine compatibility between Eevee / Cycles. Additional improvements and bug fixes have also been added!