Node Switcher

by Init Pixel in Scripts and Addons

Node Switcher Blender Add-on


Blender add-on for generating node networks to switch and/or blend between various datatypes.

Currently, supports all shader socket types used by Cycles/Eevee with plans to support other render engines in the future.


Date Version Summary
Oct 12th, 2021 0.2 ID Key with Auto detect
Sept 8th, 2021 0.1 First Release

Switch Types

Color ID Switching

Switching based on the colors of an input image, such as a material id map.

Includes a feature to automatically detect the map's colors.

Hard Switcher

Hard switching for arbitrary uniform socket types.

Soft Switcher

Blended switching for arbitrary uniform socket typesBlended Switching

Weighted average switch

Create a node network that calculates a weighted overage of the inputs. Not compatible with shader socket types (Diffuse, Principled, etc.)

For documentation, including short text tutorials and parameter explanations, please refer to Node Switcher Documentation.

Sales 30+
Customer Ratings 1
Average Rating
Dev Fund Contributor
Published 10 months ago
Software Version 2.92, 2.93, 3.0
Render Engine Used cycles, eevee
License GPL
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