Mughal Daggers

by Shaafi in Models

Two high quality daggers from the Mughal period. The Pomegranate Daggers hilt is made out of nephrite jade, the flowers are represented with rubies and the leaves with emeralds. The second dagger is of Deccan origin; a large white jade piece makes up its pommel, floral arabesque coats the hilt and guard, and the blade is uniquely curved. 

Features and Information:

  • 3 objects. Pomegranate Dagger with sheath & White Jade Dagger.
  • Both daggers are made to scale and are roughly 42/43 cm in length. 
  • Meshes are mirrored for the highest possible texture density.
  • Separate texture sets for each dagger.
  • Details baked down to the textures for best performance.


  • Pomegranate Dagger: 2,271 verts & 4,216 tris
  • Sheath: 1,254 verts & 2,314 tris
  • White Jade Dagger: 2,707 verts & 5,338 tris
  • Total: 6,232 verts & 11,868 tris

Included Files

  • Blend file with daggers and proper material setup. Ready for rendering. Includes HDRI Kloofendal from (CC0 public domain).
  • Dagger models in FBX and OBJ format.
  • 2K PBR MetalRough texture set.
  • 2K PBR texture set for Unity 5 (Standard Metallic).
  • 2K PBR texture set for Unreal Engine 4 SSS (Packed).

If you would like textures in a smaller or higher resolution or in another config please contact me.