Modular Pipes ( Game Asset )

by Randall York in Models

This is a Game ready engine tested ( Unreal/Unity) Modular Pipe system. It was created with a high level of combinations in mind, and includes a unique intersection piece that raises the bar for the possible pipe configurations tremendously. Millions of possible pipe systems can be created with these models despite only consisting of 6 pieces!

The models are low poly and primarily intended for game engines. Included are 1024x / 512x texture maps consisting of

-Lighting / Specular map -Color / Diffuse map -Normal map

The default circumference for real world scale of these pipes is roughly 85cm.

Despite the high quality, each piece is only between 1000-2200 triangles. This allows for them to be displayed at high volumes in the game engine of your choice with practically no lag.

The OBJ files use edge based smoothing groups and UV unwrap, allowing for easy import into Unreal or Unity package creation with minimal hassle.