Modular Pave

by Pawitra Studio in Models

Modular Pave / Rocks

If you ever wanted to create 3d model of modular pave or rocks for your game environment or your animation, now you can have it. Contains with 28 unique models that can be arrange to make other unique arrangement, it can be square, horizontal or vertical just like you want.

28 unique objects

This product contains 28 different form and texture mapping of the pave from small to big, square and rectangle that can help you build your own modular pave.

What is include ?

  • 28 pave model ( Blend )
  • 1 square form, 3 small form
  • 2 rectangle bith horizontal and vertical
  • High Resolution Textures ( 2048 )
  • Light Setup

How to Use The Models ?

  1. Extract the "Modular" to the file location you want
  2. Open "modular_pave.blend"
  3. Turn off  "Only Render" on Properties Panel ( N ) under Display tab
  4. If you have problem with missing textures, go to File/External Data/Find Missing Files and choose textures directory from the extract folder
  5. Folder structure is pretty straight forward.

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