Modeling, Texturing And Shading A Treasure Chest In Blender 2.8

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The future of 3D has arrived with Blender 2.80. Start creating today with this fun, stylized treasure chest project! From 3D modeling to texture creation to shading and lighting, this video course teaches it all. The best part: everything you learn here can be applied to countless Blender projects.

The outline, what's covered in this course. 

  • Beginning with Primitives
  • Blocking out the Metal Pieces
  • Start Adding Geometric Details
  • Finishing Metal Details (Timelapse)
  • Modeling Wood Details
  • Sharing Object Data and Smart Repetition, 
  • Laying out the UVs
  • Setup and Begin Painting
  • Hand-painting the Color Texture
  • Edge and Cavity Detection
  • Configuring a Wood Material
  • Configuring a Metal Material
  • Rendering and Presentation
  • Bonus: Dropping coins with Rigid Body Physics

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CG Cookie is a small team of artists hell bent on making amazing things with Blender and sharing what we've learned along the way. 

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