Medieval Market Asset Pack

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Greetings Blender3D people, here we have an extensive detailed Medieval Market Asset Pack for your consideration

Perfect if you are creating a Medieval Style Project/Scene!

As you can see there are Lots of detailed items Included in this Package! (100 in total)

Please see the `Explore Model` to view an example of one of these Assets (Medieval Well)

Summary of what you will receive in the Package:

1 Medieval Well 

4 Vendor Stalls

6 Boxes of Apples

3 Boxes of Carrots

5 Boxes of Oranges

5 Boxes of Potatoes

3 Boxes of Tomatoes

16 Wooden Barrels

2 Hay Carts

1 Hay Wagon

1 Barrel Wagon

6 Clay Pots

12 Metal Barrels (2 are supports for the Bottles Table)

4 Straw Bail Bundles

4 Separate Tables

1 Table of Cheese Wheels

1 Table of Meat

1 Table of Bread

1 Table with Various Bottles

2 Stacks of Wooden Logs

2 Meat Hanging Racks

3 Precious Metal Jugs

16 Wicker Baskets (2 with Bread, 4 with grain)

100 Objects in Total + 1 Ground Plane

Detailed Low Poly Assets

All are single Objects and named accordingly in the Outliner

Of course, you could have as many of the above Objects as you like by simply making multiple copies of each Object (SHIFT-D)........then if required make them a separate Object and adjust the textures as you wish (Using ColorRamp, RGB Curves etc.)

Also included is the Ground Plane shown in the images 

All Images shown were Rendered with Blenders Cycles Render Engine

All Objects are scaled to their approximate real-world dimensions

Scale set to 1.000 for all objects

Cycles & EEVEE Render Engine compatible

Please note if you are using EEVEE:

You may need to go into the Render Properties Tab - Performance - Enable High Quality Normals

All Modifiers closed

No doubles or loose vertices

Where possible the Centre Of Origin has been placed bottom centre for easy placing in your Game Engine

Other items have their Origin placed Centre Of Mass

The HDRI used for the Renders is not included

This product is designed and created to save you time and effort for use within your project!!

Purchasing these Models also supports the wonderful Blender Development Fund, thank you :)

Any queries please do get in touch

If you do decide to purchase this Asset Pack I wish to thank you in advance

Thank you for your interest & support!


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Published almost 5 years ago
Blender Version 2.79, 2.8, 2.81, 2.82, 2.83, 2.9, 2.91, 2.92, 2.93
Render Engine Used cycles, eevee, freestyle
License Royalty Free
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