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Transfer scenes from 3DsMAX to Blender with 2 clicks! With Vray support!

3DsMax Standard or Vray-To-Cycles!

Expand yourworkflow with the free Blender power!

You can use MaxToBlender to send your current max scene or open a max model/scene and send it to Blender, it will be converted as close as possible (even if its a vray scene!), saving you lot of time and tedious work, and it will automatically set optimized render settings ,so after some clicks you can already start playing with your max scenes inside Blender and render them using the powerful Cycles engine!


More info,images, and video demonstration at:

MaxToBlender is a tool for transferring 3DS Max scenes to Blender. The plugin allows for quick transfer of Max scenes to Blender, solving common import/export problems automatically. It also offers automatic conversion of scenes with V-Ray materials to Blender “similar” materials and settings.

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  • 4fd1a73c7faa73c8da8920f241c3ac60

    Maksim 7 days ago

    Terrible, very unfinished, wanted to return the money, but the developer did not answer...

    • 1abc8900c0ec55202dde41e2781e66e0

      Marcelo Luis Bruno 7 days ago

      Hello Maksim, where did you try to contact us? We always refund asap when somebody is not happy, I'll solve this now sorry the misunderstood, thanks

  • 47602ce0ddf374ddfa976b1e95af1c7c

    cooljjj33 5 months ago

    Works great!

  • Bfeae1b99dbacb006ce4234b05b0cb33

    Paul Kotelevets 6 months ago

    Please, give more direct information about proprietary product, if it is have to be used.
    For example - developed and tested for 3dsmax 2016 Standard and Design, vray 2.5, win 7 x64 bit.

    Nice idea, but failed to run it on max 2014 64 bit.

  • 5263b435a78dc091a9da9805021c4ca3

    ronenosity 6 months ago

    Good product. Great support. Worth it.

  • 3865f6180178845d72ff38594a14b439

    kidkarlmagn 10 months ago

    It works. Not at first try but it works ;) I'm running it with Max 2017 using scripts because the toolbar doesn't works fine, and it's a bit unstable but I guess it's still in developpment. Good work, five stars because now I'm able to use 3dmax library with Blender and Cycles.

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