Materialiq - Materials Library - Cycles+Eevee Pbr Architectural Materials - 2.79+2.8 - Uv+Generated Mapping

by polygoniq in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • noob13 24 days ago

    I've used this on ten or so projects and it is great. I have two other material add-ons, both on Blender Market, and the texture resolution on one is only 2K, good for rough concepts and distant objects (very distant) and the other is mostly procedural I think there were 12 video tutorials on how to use it and after I used it on one project I forgot most of it and it was just way too complicated to learn it again (I got a material add-on for simplicity). MaterialIQ is the answer to both problems beautiful 4k textures that can be set all the way down to 512, 1K, 2K whatever you need and it's as simple as choosing category and then clicking on material and then OK and it's applied. I haven't had a crash with it and it has always worked, not one time, that I can remember, has it not worked exactly as it's supposed to. This is one of the most polished and professional add-ons I've used (and I'm a add-on junkie I just counted 54 on Blender Market alone, I need help). I don't hesitate to recommend this add-on.

  • MARTIN LEE 25 days ago

    Been using in my last project, great for architectural work, easy to use and a lot of material customization.

  • Hakan Ak√∂gretmen 29 days ago

    You get what you see! Love it!

  • Peter13 about 1 month ago

    Wonderful addon. Ease to use, quality materials and the ability to easily change size of textures. Is there a possibility to expand the library of materials in the future?

  • dimension 11 months ago

    absolute must-have for anyone looking to jump start their material library!

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