Matcap Collection For Blender

by Dmitriy Bedrik in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Hello to all!

For almost two months, I created matcap collection. I spent more than 100 hours only on the render, not to mention drawing, correcting mistakes, and bringing them to a state where they are comfortable for the eye, without causing irritation with a too bright or dark picture.

As a result, more than 350 matcaps were created, I divided them into 4 categories:

- Portrait Lighting - well suited for showing humanoid models and animals

- Color Lighting - well suited for displaying solid-state models and various weapons and equipment

- Matcaps for sculpting - based on the name, they are better suited to work in the mode of sculpture, because matcaps from a different category may be too bright

- Fake Glass - I tried to create matcaps that make the model look like glass.

- suitable for versions 2.79 and 2.8

- for home and commercial use

- easy to install and use