Master Car Creation In Blender

by CG Masters in Training

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  • Neil Wright 2 months ago

    Great course from Chris again, just completed the Corvette after doing the Jeep with Chris sometime ago. All done in 2.8 also with a few changes but made it through, thanks.

  • [email protected] 3 months ago

    Is fucking awesome!

  • Istv├ín Bori 3 months ago

    Incredibly precise, I can only recommend it.

  • Blue Eater 4 months ago

    About a quarter of the way through - doing everything in 2.8. If you are hesitant because this was written for 2.79, don't be! Everything applies except for a couple of hot key combinations and blueprint setup.

  • Bennie Griffin 4 months ago

    By far the best training course I have come across on car production! Chris Plush's knowledge and workflows are remarkable and outstanding! CG Masters proofs yet again to be one among the Titans!

  • Alwin 6 months ago

    I'm halfway through chapter one and results are already stunning. I can recommend this to anyone interested in modeling highly detailed, high quality objects. Great job!

  • Luke Hayne 8 months ago

    I haven't started the course yet, I am starting it today. After briefly reviewing a significant proportion of content over the past few days, I can safely say this course has exceeded my expectations. For the price, this course is an absolute bargain and I would recommend it to anyone seeking to improve their hard surface modelling techniques.

  • Maxim 9 months ago

    Just mix in some absolutely awesome and usefull tricks, a guy that completely rocks at using blender and you get this hell of a beat!!!

  • Dominik Tausan 10 months ago

    Great for anyone who wants to learn how to model a car but also some usefull tips for hard surface modelling in general. It is easy to follow and easy to learn

  • beeq 10 months ago

    I'm fairly new to Blender, and english isn't even my native language, but I still have no problems following along. This tutorial comes with subtitles, but his articulation is great so I rarely read them. Amazing stuff!

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