Master Car Creation In Blender

by CG Masters in Training

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  • Nico Antoniazzi 11 days ago

    Maybe one of the best tutorials I have watched 10/10!
    Everything is explained very detailed in a perfect speed.

    Also the shorts between some parts are awesome ^^ gj

  • Arf about 2 months ago

    Love this course, I learnt a lot <3

  • Amadi 2 months ago

    I'm new to this but just think and follow course 10/10

  • xb33 6 months ago

    Great tips for a smooth topology, material/ render setup and it comes with a project file in case you need to take a closer look at something specific.

  • Tibor Pulpito 7 months ago

    Well, I just finished the modeling part of the course and I must say this was a great experience.
    Chris Plush is a really amazing teacher: his talking pace and his voice are really confortable and his lessons take the audience by hand across every single step, every single vertex movement, in creating something beautiful but also quite complex.
    His guide mesh technique is astounding: not only gives beautiful results but is also always coherent and ready to tackle any kind of problems that might arise.
    Last but not least, I had questions for him and he answered rapidly and kindly. Perfect.
    Now I'll dive deep into the shading process: can't wait to see it finished!

    PS: the Terminator like cutscenes are awesome ^__^

  • Ryder Harnett 7 months ago

    Best car course I have ever had! :D

  • Neil Wright 10 months ago

    Great course from Chris again, just completed the Corvette after doing the Jeep with Chris sometime ago. All done in 2.8 also with a few changes but made it through, thanks.

  • [email protected] 11 months ago

    Is fucking awesome!

  • Istv├ín Bori 11 months ago

    Incredibly precise, I can only recommend it.

  • Blue Eater 11 months ago

    About a quarter of the way through - doing everything in 2.8. If you are hesitant because this was written for 2.79, don't be! Everything applies except for a couple of hot key combinations and blueprint setup.

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