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  • Vinz C.
    1 day ago

    Great addon. I have learned so much about shaders thanks to Mask Tools. My machine is running a 4790k and GTX 970. I am not experiencing the horrible lagging issues that other users down below are having. So far it has been working as expected on Blender 3.3.0. Keep up the great work, and keep making more videos, a game terrain video tutorial would be fantastic.

  • butthe4d
    6 months ago

    I gotta agree with Micheal Giggs on this one. Just painting 2 textures on a 6 sided cube grinds my performance to a halt. It becomes extremely laggy, pretty much unusable. My Pc should easily be able to handle this. I asked the developer about the issue but didnt get an answer.

    The documentation on this is also somewhat lacking as some features are not explained in detail and the latest tutorials on the youtube channel says there will be more tutorials in the future which was 4 month ago,

    So in terms of workflow on single objects like in the video with the shield, that is unusable for me but the Landscape node and texturing in general is pretty good even through the landscape displacement could use a few more options with the type of landscape you want to create.

  • suyoung
    7 months ago

    설치가 안됩니다.

  • Oto Kandera
    7 months ago

    hello there...i installed newest blender, and after finding and installing the addon i still cant find it in list of addons. Is there some compatibility issue with last blender version? thanks, Oto.

  • Michael Giggs
    7 months ago

    I don't know why its so heavy. Maybe its a bug. Just doing a bump of a 2k bump tiff stencil on a cube. Is so heavy it lags. Even just connecting the materials together is chuggy. I have a Decently strong computer. 8 core 11gen 7i7 with 128gb of ram. And I should mention this. A 3090. With a stable version of blender 3.1. Maybe its because I have allot of addons installed. But these shaders are so laggy. Its unworkable. Its nothing like the performance you see in the tutorials. It looks like it works in the tutorials with good performance. But this is frustrating.

  • stevenlstarr
    10 months ago

    This perfect for texturing terrains!

  • JaffaDave
    10 months ago

    Exactly what I was looking for to use all my unreal textures and mask them in Blender. Definitely one for the toolset that you can't live without for quick or complicated texturing. Well done!

  • Nate
    11 months ago

    This is one of the most powerful tools I have seen for blender. It has allowed me unlock a huge amount of creative potential, and was hands down the best purchase I've made on the Blender Market. I'm excited to try out the latest update, V 1.8, and appreciate the ongoing development on this amazing tool!

  • othoap
    about 1 year ago

    So far I like Mask tools, I'm frustrated I can't find any support for Mask Tools.

  • Patrick
    about 1 year ago

    Sometimes it's hard to know where to put what, since i'm not using it every day, but it's simple, and the nodes are quite cool! Also, it simplifies the texturing process when you want something custom!

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