Low Poly Victorian Kitchen Set - Vintage Kitchen Stove and Utensils

by Nevermore Graphics in Models

25 piece collection of Vintage Victorian Kitchen models, made in Blender for the Cycles renderer (2.8/Eevee version included). It comes with 2 skillets, 2 pots, 2 kettles, a cast iron stove, a chest of drawers, and a cabinet. The stove is loosely based on old Victorian stoves, however, it's not really modeled after any particular design and it's made to look generic and representative of the period furnishings. 

There are several alternate color scheme versions; A oak wood and brass handle, walnut wood with silver handles, copper and silver pots/pans and aqua/red/blue kettles.

All materials are PBR and come with diffuse, metal, roughness and normal maps, in 4k. This vintage Victorian Kitchen collection is ideal for period pieces, haunted houses and horror projects or even old or abandoned house scenes that require antique elements. 

  • All materials are PBR optimized for both, Cycles and Eevee.
  • Comes with a Blender 2.8/Eevee version.
  • Comes with diffuse, metal, roughness and normal maps in 4k.
  • There's several skin options for the kettles, pots, pans, wood and handles, so you can color each differently (textures are labeled).
  • The furnishings come with creased edges to save polygons, however the pots and pans have holding edges.
  • The stove and cabinet doors come as separate objects and have origins around the hinges and are ready to swivel.
  • All the drawers from the chest of drawers come as separate objects that you can pull in and out.

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