Lightarchitect 2.0 - Filmmaking Asset Add-On (Now For Blender 2.8 And Eevee!)


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  • Elouan Jorrand 4 months ago

    Very good addon !
    Just noticed that everything is in imperial, and not in metric, so I've to scale each time (written in the description). But overall, the addon is perfect.
    Thank you

  • Gus Ghara 9 months ago

    If I could sum this up in one word it would be "passion," because thats all I feel when it comes to this and Light Architect as a whole.
    Amazing ability to setup, previz, tweak, and create cinema.
    If you're looking for a huge leg up on your production, I couldn't recommend this enough.

    • Joseph Hamilton 4 months ago

      Thank you very much Gus! So glad you find it useful!


  • spyrule over 1 year ago

    I really loved light architect, but I moved over to 2.8 some time last year. I'd love to get a working edition for 2.8!

    • Joseph Hamilton 12 months ago

      Hi spyrule. We just updated for Blender 2.8. Keep your old version if you still plan on moving back in forth in blender as it wont be available anymore(Except by request) Let me know if you have any problems downloading the 2.8 version.... no fancy installation this time and you shouldn't have to pay anything since you purchased already. Let me know if you have any problems with that.

  • Roly almost 2 years ago

    Awsome. Note, this for designing, dont think its made for hdri stuf. if your into light. you should consider leurning more about it . with this realy big Addon. (total side 2 Gb. split in mac and Windows version. i am realy impresed with this addon. Keep up the great work. Kind regards Daniel the Furry Friend! (Hobyist)

    • Joseph Hamilton over 1 year ago

      Thank you for the kind words and great review roly! We are glad you like it!

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