Lego Minifig

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Right now the promo images that you may have seen on my social networks for the Minifig are for a newer version that has not been released due to unforseen delays in the collaboration part with Patagorithm. If you make a purchase, all updates are free. When the update launches, a new $20 variant will be added for the Patagorithm-specific model, and the Patagorithm variant will be added to the Pro version, which will be increased from $40 to $50, which is still a steal. So, buying the Pro version now will save you $10 now before the update (when that occurs).

Have you ever wanted to create your own LEGO shorts using LEGO's most famous character, the Minifigure? Well, now you can! With the options of a LEGO Movie style Minifigure (Minifig Standard), a bendy Willfilm-themed Minifigure (Minifig Bendy), and a Minifig Pro version, which contains both of the previously listed packages and other extras (textures, Lego PBR Shader, etc.).

LEGO Minifig is a rigged LEGO Minifigure with Lego PBR Shader (Pro version only), UV maps, functional rig, and models for Blender 2.79 and up. The Lego PBR Shader is compatible with both Cycles and Eevee render engines in Blender 2.8 and above.

Minifig Standard:

Minifig Standard is the simplest and most affordable way to get in on the Minifig action. A simple Minifig rig is utilized for model movements (no deforming) in a Lego Movie style manner. There are no extras or Lego PBR Shader in this form of the Minifig package.

Minifig Bendy:

Minifig Bendy is a notch up from Minifig Standard, allowing the user to take advantage of the deforming capabilities of the models included to create realistic and cartoony poses. On one of the bone layers for the armature, there are a set of bones known as 'Basic' bones. These bones allow the models to move in a semi-realistic manner. There are no extras or Lego PBR Shader in this form of the Minifig package.

Minifig Pro:

Minifig Pro is the ultimate version of the Minifig package. Containing both the full versions of the Minifig Standard and the Minifig Bendy packages, this model is the best option for those who would like to have as much Minifig goodness as possible. Not only are both of these packages included in this option, but the Lego PBR Shader and some extras. Other extras may be added over time as well.