Iphone 11 High Detail Model

by Crikster in Models

the blender file is divide into the following:


-Construction data, here is stored all the live booleans that conform the object, all pieces are linked in a logical hierarchy. 

Inside this collection you will find the following subcollections:
       \\Camera lens construction data, here is stored the main information for the camera and lenses from the phone, this controls all camera shapes, in case you need more cameras, simply duplicate that collection and modify to your needs.

       \\CD_CASE BODY, here is stored the main case and elements that builds all the case sub parts. you can modify the roundness, thickness and bevels of each piece via included modifiers

-Geo IPhone master, in this collection is stored the final meshes that conforms the final model, this collection should work together with the instance collection to manipulate it in a comfortable way.

to modify overall color of the product you can do it inside of the Node group called "COLOR BASE IPHONE MODEL" if you want to have independant color handling you can expose the base color value in the group.

you can contact  me in case of additional questions in Discord to @hereiscris#7723

Enjoy the Model!

Dev Fund Contributor
Published about 2 years ago
Software Version 2.8, 2.81, 2.82, 2.83, 2.9
Misc Data UV's Unwrapped, Textured
License GPL
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