Interior Essentials Asset Library

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Interior Essentials Asset Library + Plugin

360 photorealistic models

50 PBR Materials

And One Plugin to rule them all!

The ultimate asset library of photorealistic and render ready assets for interiors with the special Blender plugin, that will help you creating your amazing artwork even faster than ever! You will find kitchen stuff, some furniture, decorations, plants, whatever you need to make your interiors feel alive! 

And the library is still growing!


Download the free demo from

The free demo includes 25 objects and the Interior Essentials Plugin - it will always be free

Create photorealistic interior visualizations with the help of Interior Essentials faster and easier!

Discover the unique library of photorealistic 3d assets for Blender with easy to use plugin, that will help you selecting and adding your objects even faster. Over 360 high quality assets created and optimized for Cycles are just ready to be placed in the scene and rendered with no changes! Creating realistic interior visualizations have never been so quick! Now within few minutes you can fill your empty space with a lots of miscellaneous items, that will make your scene alive!

New plugin version available!

The new plugin (v1.1) is now released and with useful features to make your work even easier! 

Add the assets fast and easy

Simple transforms of assets with just few clicks

Convert linked objects to fully editable meshes

Add the material from the library straight to your objects

Add materials from the library straight to the selected faces in the edit mode

Over 360 models & 50 PBR materials so far and still growing!

The library contains (so far) over 360 photorealistic models, divided for few categories, just to be easier for you to find what you want. There are decors, furniture, pots, glasses, drinks, lamps, chairs, cooking utensils, plants, almost anything you need to make your interiors feel more alive and photorealistic! And be sure, that this is just the beginning! Check out the selected assets below, full list available on our website

Selected Assets:

List of all the models & materials available at

Recent updates:

July 2020

16/07 - Plugin update (1.1) released - You can now append the materials from out library with the help of the plugin. New coffee tables added to the collection..

13/07 - New plugin version (1.0.0) released - New functionalities and features, like make the instance editable, move & duplicate to 3d cursor, handy rotation operator. Also some minor additions & improvements to the assets.

June 2020

18/06 - PLANTS & POTS added to the library, library categories re-designed for the better performance with extending the library. Furthermore, some fixes were made to the to ther fabrics materials, and some individual models added to the other categories.

5/06 -A lot of stuff for bathrooms and living rooms added, including dozens of misc objects, equipment, furniture. Futher updates will be smaller, but more frequent!

April 2020

This is the very first release of this library and is covering the Kitchen. The next update is planned to cover living room and bathroom. Buy now, and you'll have access to all the future updates!

Make photorealistic visualizations with photorealistic and render ready assets for Cycles!

The essence of Interior Essentials is the Library of hyperrealistic but optimized objects, that will breathe life into your interiors. And this will be the only asset pack you've ever needed. It contains all those stuff, that you've never had time for to model.
Stop wasting your time and money on looking for the perfect miscellaneous objects for your scene. In the price of just a few single models, you receive the whole, ready to use, library of assets with perfect PBR materials for Blender Cycles and the variety of single object types. 

Our assets library is also the great solution to improve quickly your exterior scenes! Do not hide your interiors while making the external views. Fill them with Interior Essentials and be proud of showing them off!

Speed up your workflow with amazing plugin!

Thanks to the special plugin for Blender, usage of this asset library became easier than could ever be. Placing the desired objects now requires just with a few clicks. The library is very transparent, so you can see the previews of the objects just before you place it, so you doen't have to remeber hundred of names and locations of your 3d assets. You may also customize your old objects, so they can be accessible by our plugin. 

The most important is that you may try the plugin for free! Download it from our website alongside some free assets!

Use the plugin for free! 

Breathe life (and photorealism!) to your interiors

The detail matters. Nothing makes the scene more realistic than the real life objects. Our library can help you with improving your scenes and interior designs, by using the large variety of miscellaneous objects. And all of them are ready to use for Blender Cycles. You won't have to dig through the whole Internet to find your desired object, and then convert it and create its materials from scratch. 

Preserving the fines details

Once again - the detail matters. We are aware of that, so we are trying to put it down on our creations. First of all, the objects included in the library are equipped with detailed, but optimized PBR materials. We spent a lot of time making it looking the best way, for you! Also all the models are based on the real objects, including bunches of object that we had in our houses. That helped us to focus even on the fines details and recreating the REAL object in 3d. This is why they look as much realistic as possible. 

Buy once, update forever!

Once you buy it, you will have all the future updates for free! All the future updates are goint to come even more frequently, with thematic sets of objects.


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