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  • Carl Erik Tengesdal about 2 months ago

    Good addon. Not the one I use most, but still is a decent tool. :) Thanks.

  • Oli Gerber 6 months ago

    Exactly does what it says. Works great. Even had a small bug that didn't accept certain symbols in object names, got it fixed right away. The developer is very fast in helping and fixing things and very open to new feature suggestions! Great Job!

  • Mustafa about 2 years ago

    Waste of Money. It needs lot of improvements. Still a child software which needs lot of improvements.

  • Christian Heisch about 2 years ago

    Pretty nice addon, which I would really love.
    But: It crashes again and again on my machine. That is really annoying and I'd wish that to be fixed. Unfortunately I don't know, why it crashes.
    I'd love someone to contact me to get that problem fixed because I really adore the functionality.
    I am using blender 2.79 on Windows10. AMD Phenom X4.

  • phinomet about 3 years ago

    Really great addon!
    very good interface and super easy to use.
    two minor things that I think lazy people would like:
    - a downloadable documentation. (I know, it is silly).
    - Adding a little more explanation in the pop up descriptions on mouse hover would be cool, just to avoid having to go back and forth between the addon and the documentation. But it is not really an issue since there is not much to learn.
    Anyway, I would highly recommend this addon.
    It really create cool effects.
    Can't wait for more updates.

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