Ice Tools Pro

by Blender Guppy in Scripts and Addons

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  • David about 1 year ago

    There are 2 files, different sizes yet the same name, different zip folders, and no instructions on what they are. Supposed to add file to add ons folder, where the fuck is that? I added file through user pref like other normal blender users and the file is corrupted and doesnt work, neither file works. Ive asked who the fuck ever for help on FB and not going to get it so I guess I lost 12 bucks on this total fucking bullshit!

  • PAGS almost 3 years ago


  • Georjack about 3 years ago

    Works fine with no issues and it's a great tool.

  • Monte Drebenstedt about 3 years ago

    Little bit of a learning curve but it does exactly what is advertised.

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