Hard Ops / Boxcutter Ultimate Bundle

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  • Lorenzo Cobo about 1 month ago

    Incredible tools that will undoubtedly speed up your workflow. A little challenging at first but definitely worth it. Really well documented.

  • Philip A.E 3 months ago

    This add-on will change your life.

  • Arthur 3 months ago

    This is one of the best add-ons available for Blender. I tried a lot to understand what Blender is missing, and in fact, there are not many such things, since in Blender you can practically do everything yourself, and this will work more clearly than if you use some kind of add-on. But HardOps and Boxcutter is an advanced and more convenient feature that continues the same philosophy as Blender. Having become accustomed to it a little and remembering shortcuts, you quickly get used to how to use it. But even if you don’t remember shortcuts, the design is very clear and you can do with simple mouse clicks. I recommend this supplement. Thanks masterxeon1001!

  • Josh Luchs 3 months ago

    These Addons are by this point essential for me. they have improved my workflow immensely and have helped me to love making art again. They are fantastic.

  • hentai dude 3 months ago

    this add-on will literally turn you into a god. works well with lots of other plugins too. i have dreams of pressing the Q button.

  • Kame7C0 3 months ago

    Blender vanilla is the fastest modeler.
    With This We are aiming at "speed of thought"
    For anyone interested, I will shorten it to:

    very FAST very stable very easy* BEST tutorials

    *anyone who says its hard to use needs to revisit blender basics

  • Kayiet 4 months ago


  • Donald Cela 4 months ago

    It's like i stumbled upon a new world of possibilities. Hooooly sh*t!

  • Maciej 4 months ago

    Very powerful and easy to use tools! For everyone who want to do some hard surface.

  • Valentin Anfossi 5 months ago

    I'm a blender noob and after hearing about it from multiple sources/tutorials and all I decided to give it a go.
    In a day I made 2 little mechanical "things" that looks 20 times better than anything I managed until then.
    It really removes the fiddling around usually required to get there and allows you to focus on having fun.
    Thanks TeamC, I don't even understand 2% of what the tool is capable of yet and I'm already happy I bought it :)

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