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Grid Modeler is a convenient tool to create 3D model easily.

Grid Modeler let you Boolean Cut by drawn shape or Create mesh on top of each other. It is a new modeling workflow in blender. It is proven and very efficient.


- Boolean Cut

- Create new faces 

- Boolean Slicing 

- Powerful Shape functions 

- Advanced Grid System 

- Construction Lines 

- Create Pipes 

Grids are very precise and easy to use. You can orient your grid plane by any directions. It is designed to be an very advanced grid system. 

Table of content

- Features

- About Grid Modeler

- Updates

- Sample works

- Useful Tips

- Known Issues and Limitation

- Hardware support

- Contacts and Support

About Grid Modeler

Grid Modeler is designed for speed modeling.

If you want to create :

- Quick static objects for game, background things, buildings

- Sword, shield, armor, when consistent scales and angles are needed

- Sci-fi, spaceship, robots, weapons, hard surface solid things

Then, Grid Modeler will become your helpful tool in blender.

Also, if you used Google Sketchup, Fusion360 or other CAD software before, you may feel that Grid Modeler is familiar. They have some similar concept and advantages.

For background story and design concept of Grid Modeler,

please visit my website :


Version 1.30.0

  • Since Blender 3.5.0, the use of OpenGL is deprecated and show warning about it. This update switch to blender's new GPU function. (however the function has problem for line smoothing)

Version 1.29.0

  • Added support for Blender 3.4.0 and above (there is some hidden API changes in 3.4 GPU api)

Version 1.28.0

  • Added support for Blender 3.2.0. (there is some changes in the key-input event handling in blender 3.2)

Version 1.27.1

  • Fixed a bug for Alt + N (mirror all shapes horizontally)

  • Now you can delete the selected shape by macbook's delete key! (works for backspace key)

Version 1.27.0

  • Fixed a small bug for the menu of Add Object tool (6 key).

    Now the menu is more stable

Version 1.26.0

This is a major update !

  • Now ngon-fill and triangles-fill are merged into 1 key (with option for triangles-fill)

  • 2 key is assigned for a new function : Line Art !

  • Line Art function create very thin line-faces. It can be used with Edge Shader to create Line based render easily !

  • I published a Basic Edge Shader for free, it can be used with the new Line Art function !

Basic Edge Shader (free):

  • If you want to use it in game model, you can just bake it (Emit / Color only baking without light info)

Version 1.25.3

  • Fixed a bug for Alt + M (mirror everything).
    When using selection mode, you can press Alt + M to mirror copy all shapes.
    The mirror copy horizontal direction, which can be changed by Ctrl + Click.

Version 1.25.2

  • Fixed a bug for Left-Bottom Menu (there is a strange bug in blender menu system), changed to drop-down menu for better stability.

Version 1.25.1

  • Fixed a minor bug for Line Split (when using mirror modifier)

Version 1.25.0

This is a major update.

  • Now the Line Split function is powered by new code!
    (Come from my another addon Face Cutter)

  • It is more stable and more useful in many cases.
    The Cut-though option can be enabled anytime and stable.

Version 1.24.4:

- Bug fix update

It fixed a grid bug occur on non-regular face

Version 1.24.3:

- Improved the P key , grid plane rotation

Now the size of the plane is stable when you rotate it by P key.

(before this update, the size always change and trouble)

Enjoy !

Version 1.24.2:

This is a critical bug fix

- Fixed a bug for 5 key (Boolean slice). The bug is caused by recently updates.

Version 1.24.1:

This is a minor bug fix

- Fixed a bug for Mac keyboard support (Alt key + 7, 8 key, or [ ] key).

This bug is caused by Maya-keymap-support added in previous updates.

Version 1.24.0:

This is a special update.

- Added a "Outer height" setting in Boolean Cut menu.

When you draw a shape and then bool cut, the shape will be extruded and cut into your mesh. However, sometimes the grid plane is shifted / the face is not planar, the cut will be "inside" the mesh. This value increase the backward height of the cutter, so the cut will be 100% "from top to bottom".

Version 1.23.0:

This is a major update !

- Now the grid system is improved. The grid plane does not shift when resized / grids count changed !

- Grid plane is auto centered now!

- Fixed some bugs for Global Alignment (F6 key). Now it correctly align to global axis when grid count is changed.

Enjoy !!

Version 1.22.3, 1.22.4:

This is a follow up bug fix :

- For "Industry Compatible" keymap, fixed the problem in Selection Mode

Version 1.22.2:

This is a special update : 

- Now Grid Modeler is compatible to blender's "Industry Compatible" keymap ! (aka Maya keymap). 

Now if you use Maya keymap, you can hold Alt key to rotate the viewport without problem !

Enjoy !

Version 1.22.0, 1.22.1:

This is a major update !

- Add a new "Global Alignment" mode ! (F6 key)

When using Global Alignment, the grids will be aligned to the global axis instead of face. 

(if the face is not facing any axis, it will has no effect)

It can be very useful for scene modeling task.

Version 1.21.0, 1.21.1:

This is a major bug fix update.

This updated improved the stability of the grid plane system.

It fixed some crash bugs (for P key plane rotation).

All users please update to this version. 

Enjoy :)

Version 1.20.5:

This is a bug fix update.

- Fixed incorrect hint text.

- Fixed minor bug for Line Slice function (bug caused by construction lines).

- Fixed OpenGL drawing problem for blender 3.0.0 (opengl calls are removed)

Version 1.20.3, 1.20.4:

This is a powerful update for Add-Object tool !!

(1.20.4  fixed a rotation bug)

- Now you can draw "rectangle shape" to add object ! 

It will read the width + height from the rectangle for scale!

Just draw an rectangle, then press 6 key !

You can control the Z-scale in menu.

Enjoy !

Version 1.20.2:

This update add extra features to Add Object tool :

- Now there are 3 axis Rotation, Scale and Offset. You can rotate it in any angle.

- There is Object Picker now.

- New "Linked Object" option. It is same as "Alt-D" copy of blender, linking the copied object. When you modify the object, the copies will be modified too!

Version 1.20.1:

This update add extra feature to the last update!

- Now there are "Scale" and "Offset" option for Add Object tool !

You can scale and move the objects directly right in the option menu !

Version 1.20.0:

This is a Major Update !

- Now "Add Text" tool is upgraded and become "Add Object" !

You can add object at your drawn location !

1. You need to create a collection named "GM". Add your target objects into it.

2. Draw a line, press spacebar to finish then press 6 key.

3. Then you can choose which object to add !

Have fun!

Version 1.19.3:

- Fixed a minor bug (using new feature on Edge mode)

Version 1.19.0 , 1.19.1, 1.19.2:

This is a Major Update !

- Now you can use Boolean Intersection in boolean cut tool!

Just check the box "Intersection" in the Left-bottom panel.

- Now the "Line Split" tool is enhanced and re-designed !

Now it does not use Construction Lines. It use any normal white line ! Just draw and press Spacebar key to create line, then press 0 key to line cut !

- Now the Boolean Slice tool (5 key) has an option to slice the mesh without separate it. It is a very handy tool for creating details on surface (eg: sphere). 

Enjoy !

Version 1.18.8, 1.18.9 : 

This is a bug fix update : 

- Fixed a bug occur when using ngon cut, and some edges are overlapping

- Added extra keys for Macbook users. 

Now you can use 7 key and 8 key for mouse-scroll actions.  For example, when you want to change grid size, now you can use Ctrl + 7 or Ctrl + 8.  Also to enlarge grid plane, you can use Alt + 7 and Alt + 8.

Version 1.18.5, 1.18.6, 1.18.7

This is a minor update!

- Now new circle has a center pivot point by default

- Now you can press L key to rotate the shape perpendicularly !!

1. Set one of the edge of the shape to be the alignment edge (Ctrl + Click on the edge)

2. Press L key to rotate

3. You can even rotate it by 5 degree using Ctrl + L key !

Version 1.18.4

This is a minor update!

- Enhanced Edge Pipe Smoothing function ! It has much better smoothing result and easier to use !

- Smoothing now become an checkbox instead of value.

- Fixed a bug when using two vertices point for running Grid Modeler. 

For full update log, please visit my gumroad page for Grid Modeler.

Version 1.18.3

This is a minor update!

- Fixed the hint text (removed the incorrect Ctrl P hint)

- Now you can enable a new "Snap to shape" mode by pressing Ctrl + U key

In this mode, the cursor will snap to drawn points of the current shapes !

It is convenient for some use cases, eg: you want to create shape to connect duplicated shapes.

Sample Works

Useful Tips

1. Absolute size mode is very useful and recommended. It keep the same grid size, across any face, any objects. It can make whole scene very cool and clean.

2. Boolean Cut mode, work well on the borders, and it is fun and great. If it does not cut correctly, you may try to align the grid to that border edge (Ctrl + Click)

If the Boolean fail (it does not cut anything), you should adjust the "offset" parameter, to make the faces of the geometry not overlapping. (blender's boolean limitation)

Also, if the face's normal is flipped (incorrect normal), you may need to fix the mesh normals first.

3. You may select multiple faces (with same normal, co-planar) and use this tool. You can draw across multiple n-gons, it works great.

Known Issues and Limitation

1.This addon is a direct modeling tool, without modifiers. Boolean operation is destructive and apply directly. The resulting mesh is filled by blender's n-gon.

2. Overlapping shapes will cause strange geometry. However, you can overlap the shapes if you use "new face" mode, it will still create all shapes without problem.

3. This addon uses Blender's dissolve API, it is a bit unstable and it does not fill the faces correctly sometimes. (for n-gon and triangle fill modes)

Hardware Support

- Only standard mouse and keyboard are supported.

I only tested with standard mouse and keyboard. This addon does not officially support other device (eg: wacom tablet, 3d-mouse, vr glove, etc) yet.

Therefore, it may not work with your special hardware. I didn't test them.
Please reconsider before buying it, thank you. 

Download and Install

After purchase, you can download the zip file.

I uploaded two versions of Grid Modeler (one is latest, one is older), please install the latest file. The older file is for emergency only (if the latest one has critical bug).

Open Blender's Edit > Preference > Add-ons, then click install on the top of dialog.

Select the zip file to install. (Do not unzip it, the zip file has to be installed as a whole)

Update : 

When I release new update, I will announce it on Twitter. 

Please come back here and download it. Before update please uninstall the old one in blender and remove it completely. Then install the new zip file again. If there is any problem, you may contact me by email or Twitter.

Contacts and Support

Thank you for visiting! Hope you enjoy it.

If you like this product, please buy it to support my development.

I am interested in making different kinds of blender's addon, I enjoy it so much :)

* You only need to purchase once, and you can download updates for free !

You can use this addon for personal or commercial works.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me by email 

[email protected]

Twitter :

Instagram : kushirocg

For more information and documentation, please visit my website:

Gumroad for Grid Modeler :

My youtube channel  (contains videos of Grid Modeler)

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