Grass Scapes For Blender

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Grass Scapes - the ultimate collection of photorealistic grass for Blender, with different species for natural diversity. Create beautiful Archviz renders, environment scenes and more with just a few clicks – what’s more, it’s now compatible with Scatter 4.0! 

What is inside:

25 species of fully animated, render-ready ornamental grasses. Unlike many model packs (which use one model and only vary the size and rotation), each of our species includes up to 8 distinct variations, making your grassy environments more natural and diverse.  

Integrated into the Scatter Environment:

TerraScape products are now part of the Scatter Ecosystem the professional scattering tool for Blender created by BD3D (Dorian Borremans).The plugin includes 16 custom-made grass presets for generating landscapes with clicks. 

For more information, please visit: 

Scatter website  and

Note:  animated models are not yet directly integrated into the Scatter manager, but this feature is coming soon. In the meantime, you can scatter them manually by selecting the animated assets, choosing a preset, and hitting scatter. You can also distribute the plants using Blender's Particles System.                  

Grass Scape for all your needs:

All the plants come with 3 options: 

1. Static: regular plants with no wind effects.  

2. Still: as above, but affected by the wind 

3. Dynamic: continuously animated. 

LOD: Save your memory.

Ever run into problems with Blender freezing up when you’re working on large-scale scenes? The answer is to use low-poly or proxy models – with just 2 clicks, you’ll dramatically speed-up your viewport performance.  

Just install the LODify add-on and you’re done 

Particles Systems = no more headaches!

Blender has long had an issue that when you instance an object using a particle system, the duplicates are rotated 90 degrees on the Y axis.   

All the Grass Scapes plants have the correct tracking axis (set to +Z instead of +Y), so you won't need to rotate anything.

TerraScape Manager!

Use TerraScape Manager to easily control all aspects of your models

More information: Manual

Cycles and Eevee, hand-in-hand.

The entire pack uses Principled BSDF materials that work perfectly in both Cycles and Eevee - just choose your preferred render engine and you’re ready to go.

Why should you buy this pack? 

You can of course make your own models, but this takes huge amounts of time and effort to get exactly right – which is why professionals use models too. We’ve spent hundreds of hours making some of the finest grass you’ll find anywhere, and we hope the quality of this pack speaks for itself. 

Purchase once, get free updates forever!

Buy once, and all future updates are free of charge.


•  11/24/2020

- Scatter 4.0 package is now available 

•  04/18/2021 

- Animation Drivers improved.

- Terra Scaoe Manager added.

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