Flowers Pack 1

by La Troisième Dimension in Models

A touch of spring

Yes, now you have a great garden with, grass and trees, rocks and weeds. But what about all that colorfull nature beauty that blossom in spring ? I mean, were are the flowers? Because every garden I made was lacking realistic flowers and shrubs, I spent time modeling this first pack of 13 ready to use assets. Spring walk


13 ready to use assets with materials and textures:

  • The shrubs: 

    • 1 Azalee pink
    • 1 Azalee red
    • 1 Azalee white

With 2 attached particle system for each, so that you can change flowers and leaves distribution to make your own

azalea flower node wire3

  • The flowers

    • 1 Crocus
    • 1 Narcisse
    • 3 Primulas plants
    • 3 Muscaris plants

Ready to use with particle systems Random color material include in Crocus

wire2 wire1 crocus petal node

  • 1 Tulip flowers group
  • The particle system

    •  1 Muscari particle system

Ready to use in any scene, with random color material include Fleurs Pack  1