Flow 2.7 - The Next-Level Asset Manager For Blender + Basic Nature Pack

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The Next-Level asset manager for Blender

Speed up your workflow and improve your scenes using Flow, the next-level asset manager for Blender. Why next level? Because it is not the simple asset library, but the unique set of tools, designed for improving the whole Blender workflow. Stop wasting time on browsing your folders, just add your assets and use them easily with a few mouse clicks! Create your scenes faster than ever!

Latest version works with Blender 3.0+!

If you have any problem, just text us and we'll try to solve it as soon as possible!

For Blender 2.8/2.9 older Flow version are available for download

Visit our Blog for latest Flow news & tutorials!

Asset Library

The most important function is the asset library. But not just one library. You may connect to the plugin as many libraries as you want, to keep your assets organized by theme, projects, asset package or in any other way you desire. What you can manage with Flow? Just check below!


The essence of Flow. Fill your scene with dozens of objects within a few minutes. Just select the category, subcategory, object and add the asset to your scene. Select one of the available instancing modes (Local instance collection, linked instance or editable) to work with it just the way you want.


You don't need to search for your materials in old projects anymore!. Simply add any material from the library directly into your object with the help of the plugin!

Batch add Objects & Materials

With Flow 2.70, you can now spare even more time, by adding multiple assets and materials into your library at once! Read more at our blog

Geometry Nodes

Save & load your Geometry Nodes modifiers fast and easily! Spare your time on creating the new preset from scratch each time. You can also use one of our exemplary grasses presets


Save tons of time on creating your sculpt and image painting brushes from scratch, again and again. Save your brushes in the library, and make them re-usable just anywhen you want. You can also add any textures from the library straight into your brushes

Textures & Node Groups

You don't need to use filebrowser to search for your textures. You can add your image textures with a few mouse clicks. You can even add ALL the textures from the directory just with a mouse click. Auto-connect function can also handle connecting images to your nodes

HDRi & Worlds

Add HDRi automatically like any other Flow asset. Easy tools will also make it simplier to adjust your environment from the panel level. You can also save & load the whole worlds to use them later.

Unique Flow asset tools

Flow is not just another asset manager. Along all the library functions, we've also developed the unique set of handy tools, to make the workflow with Blender even quicker and easier. You can now create much better scenes with no extra effort! Discover what you can expect from Flow!

Material Painter

Discover the new approach to adding materials to objects! Since now you can paint your local or library materials into parts of your objects directly in the Object Mode or in the Edit Mode!

Asset Painter

Paint your assets into your scene to make it more detailed within seconds. Use any of your pre-saved library assets or objects from the current project. Randomize it's scale and rotation to make it look even more natural. Create environments in no-time! Protip! You can also use the graphic tablet to improve your works!

Asset Properties System

Add properties to your assets, so you can later adjust them just from the panel level, without the need of entering any other editors. You can change color, material properties, objects size, modifiers, almost any value you want!

Brush Tools

Speed up sculpting and texture painting with our special brush tools pie menu and Flow extension for brushes tool panel. You can now load brushes and textures, or select the existing one from the single menu!

Instance Tools

Working with instance collections in Blender may be really annoing. We've made a set of functions, to make it even enjoyable. You can now edit any instance collection (even the nested ones) really easily and improve the performance of your scene

Assets creation is easier than ever!

Fill your libraries with assets really simply and directly from your scene! You do not actually need to prepare any separate Blender files to be able to use the assets, the plugin will do that automatically for you, creating even the preview image in the background! You can add the asset of any type, that is suppoerted by the plugin (described above)

Flow can automatically:

  • Add all supported asset types to your library
  • Render thumbnails for created assets (models and materials)
  • Copy 'external' textures into Flow Library

Why Flow?

  • Using this addon will make your workflow extremely faster. I've reduced the time of developing the architectural visualization project (house) from more than one week to one day!
  • You may transfer your libraries between any Blender versions, but even between any devices! Working with a team? Create ONE library that will be accessible for all users
  • Add ANY number of libraries. You can sort your assets within libraries just in any way you need. You do not need to mix your archviz assets with futuristic hard surface assets. Just make separate libraries and switch between them in the addon panel
  • You can transfer third-party libraries assets into Flow – just to have everything in one place. It's usually quite simple, and the file stucture is explained in the documentation
  • Flow is really easy to use! Even the beginner will be able to use most tools. We've also created the comprehensive documentation for this addon and we are working on tutorials for our chanel
  • The startup asset pack is included. We're providing the small package of assets for a good start. Maybe it's not much, but may be the great start point to create your own extraordinary library.

Startup Library

The startup Flow library is always included and it contains:

  • Basic nature asset pack for Asset Painter (image below)
  • 5 brushes for Sculpt and 5 brushes for Texture Paint
  • 14 Exemplary models
  • 5 Exemplary materials
  • 5 Exemplary Geometry Nodes Grass presets
  • Set of textures and HDRis from AmbientCG.com & PolyHaven.com

Need more assets? Check Interior Essentials!

(Flow Included!)

Check our Interior Essentials asset library, the massive asset pack (over 550 models!) for interior & exterior architectural visualization, fully compatibile with Flow addon, which is also included in this product. If you first want to buy Flow, but you decide to get also Interior Essentials, use the special promo code IGOTFLOW to get the Flow-price discount (Attention! This code works ONLY if you've purchased Flow before!)

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