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FastActions can make your life easier by providing easy to access shortcuts to operators that are usually far in some menus, as well as some operators that would usually requires several operator calls.

Simply press F6 to open the pie menu

Note that FastActions uses the F2 and Looptools addons which are provided with Blender.
However, by default they are not activated, please do it to properly use the FA operators in Edit Mode.

Feel free to give feedback here

Also, please report any error you might encounter


  • Open current project folder
  • Open Global/Local/System user pref folder
  • Open User defined addon folder.

Object Mode:

  • Create collection from objects: This will create a collection named after the active object, and place the selected objects in it. Content can be linked or moved, and the collection can be created in either the active collection, the active object's collection, or the scene collection.
    There is also an option to compensate the collection instancing offset by using the active object location at the time the operator is used.

            Transform menu:

              • Align selected objects to 3d cursor/active object
              • Selected objects "look at" 3d cursor/active object
              • Apply Scale Linked (This one works for linked objects, even the ones that are not in the viewport.)


              By traits:

              • Save current selection to slot
              • Load selection from slot
              • Select empties by shape
              • Select objects with more than one data block user
              • Select objects without parent, children, both or any
              • Select only one instance of an object amongst the current selection or from visible objects

              Batch relation:

              This section mainly extends the current official operators your can find in the Shift+G menu but adds the hability to have multiple selected objects as a starting point

              • Batch Parent
              • Batch Parent Recursive
              • Batch Farthest Parent (only select the farthest parent, ignoring the ones in between)
              • Batch Children
              • Batch Children Recursive

              Edit Mode:


              • Select/Deselect Boundary Loop
              • Select area in boundary loop
              • Select Edge Rings/Loops
              • Checker Deselect
              • Select Above / Below / Side of active vertex


              • Create Domes from vertices
              • Create hole from 2 vertices
              • Unsubdivide Tubes
              • Cylinderify tubes
              • Tube To Curve
              • Other operators are experimental.



              New Features:
              • Create collection from selection is now also in pie menu
              • Batch create collections from parents
              • Add Root to selection
              • Separate by mat/parts/selections and parent automatically parents on the biggest part. Works on multiple objects in object mode
              • Delete-Reparent
              • Bypass-Reparent
              • Select Objects with non uniform scale
              • Fixed "Select One Of" extend property not working as expected
              • Fixed mismatching operator tooltips
              • Fixed AutoParent error case where no targets are selected
              • Added operator tooltips

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