Extreme Pbr Combo With 1000+ Materials Addon For Blender 2.79-2.81-2.82

by Andrew_D in Materials, Shaders, Textures

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  • Cindy about 16 hours ago

    Wonderful Addon! I purchased the Extreme PBR Combo Pro Pack, but can't seem to find the animated water video in the download files? Where can I find it? Also, is the animated water the only included or are there other videos included too? Please let me know, thanks!!

  • Jacques Sorgniard 8 days ago

    One of (if not) the most useful addons in my scripts. The kind you NEVER forget it's there ! I actually don't have any useful critic to make except maybe..................... This version for ProRender we were talking about ! Cheers Andrew !

  • Dimitar Pouchnikov 22 days ago

    This is a pretty good plugin with many good textures. Just having all the textures in one place with an easy-to-select plugin form is very useful. A star off for installation though as the files are quite heavy and as it seems there is no auto update at the moment I am not looking forward to re-download the gb of data again. So an incremental auto update as part of the addon would be very beneficial. Also, another important feature would be to have grunge and dirt as node groups that could be inserted on top on any material with a single button to help break up the tiling effect.

  • Joseph Vella 24 days ago

    I am a total newb at Blender. I am now a bit familiar with CG modelling and sculpting but no nothing yet from there on. In time I will learn and watch tutorial and keep learning on everything but it is here the Extreme PBR helped me a lot. It permitted me to jump some steps and produce good results which I need for my current project on which many people are waiting for the final result.
    Watching a couple of videos on youtube and with the support of the creators I was able to produce the great final results I wanted. THANSK Extreme PBR.

  • Omar 29 days ago

    Fantastic addon. You get a ton of different materials readily configured with displacement, normal, and etc. maps. It is a HUGE improvement to any workflow.

    • Andrew D. 19 days ago

      Thank you very much, I am happy to have simplified my clients' work.
      We will try to keep improving!
      Thanks for the trust and support

  • Rowan Thompson about 1 month ago

    Superb! Just what I needed. I gather you are in CT, my home town? :)

    • Andrew D. 19 days ago

      Hey Rowan,
      I am very happy to receive this from you, thanks for the support.
      I did not understand where you are from, if you want to write me in chat, I am happy with this

  • oliver about 1 month ago

    i love this. i have been using it for the past few days and its the best addon you are gonna find anywhere. its very simple and good for beginners if you dont know how to use nodes :)

    • Andrew D. 19 days ago

      Hi Oliver,
      Thanks a lot for the fantastic vote, this makes us very proud to have created something that serves people.
      I also thank you for the support and trust you have given

  • Scott L about 1 month ago

    Amazing GUI for nodes and PBR Texturing. Great starter library to get you going.

    • Andrew D. 19 days ago

      Hi Scott,
      Thanks for the fantastic vote, and thanks for the support!

  • blossommerz about 1 month ago

    Extreme PBR is a fantastic product that will save me many hours of texture creation and management. Not only that, but I had a problem getting it to work under MacOS Catalina and Andrew completely rewrote the installation method and uploaded it to Blendermarket overnight. Unbelievable customer service!

    • Andrew D. 19 days ago

      Hey, thanks,
      It was not easy, but we did it, with the advent of Catalina we decided to create an installer, it was a good experience, now we have also solved other small bugs on machintosh from version 3.2.2
      Thank you very much for your support

  • Nathan about 1 month ago

    This addon, helps increase creativity by a huge margin. Andrew's response time makes the Roadrunner Beep in slow mo! Quality work and the HDRI Maker works hand in hand with Ext. PBR. a perfect buddy system! Support this developer. Great guy and Quality developer 10/10!

    • Andrew D. 19 days ago

      Hey Nathan, I confess that I can't do without these 2 add-ons myself, and I will continue to add new features, thanks for the support and kindness!

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