Exterior Nature Cabin

by Entity Designer in Models

Extract the textures and blends files in a new folder, open the file named Exterior_Scene_Cabin.blend and render it :D, For the final look I used passes like Z-depth, albedo and normal for apply denoise node and fog in compositor from blender 2.81 and a personal Warm Lut in blender.

If you want my personal warm lut it is included in the colormanagement file.
with this next steps youcan install it in blender :D.


For install my customs Looks for filmic, you need to replace the colormanagement carpet from the blender installation directory, for example if you install blender with the oficial installer you need to go to:
 C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.80\datafiles

in this directory you can find a carpet with the name of colormanagment, only you need change the name to "colormanagment - backup" and extract the zip with the name of colormanagment in this same directory, when you open blender you can see two new option in the looks of filmic one of them is my warm custom lut n.n.