Hdris - Ethereal Skies - Mix - Pack 01

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If you are interested in improving the level of realism of your renders, either for commercial or personal works, while being efficient in the process and keeping on budget, then this product will really like you!

  • Buying this pack you will be saving a lot! Similar products, when are sold separately, would cost you around USD 20 (each HDRI). This pack will cost you a fraction of that. 
  • Royalty-free license! Use this pack for either commercial or personal works. Know more about it and the different pricing tags below.

What do I get?

These are the elements that this product includes in any of the options you decide to purchase:

Each pack will include the following elements. The amount of them will depend on the pack you choose.

  • HDRIs at 15.000 x 7.500 (average) pixels resolution (HDR)
  • HDRIs at 2.500 x 1.250 pixels resolution (HDR) (for very fast previews)
  • HDRIs at 2.500 x 1.250 pixels resolution (PNG)
  • Sample Catalogue
  • Coupon code to upgrade the pack (only for the Lite version)

Check out a more detailed preview of each pack in the following links:

Lite pack catalogue here

Full pack catalogue here

What are the benefits of this product?

These are some of the main features:


Skies with different lighting moods at many different day times.

  • With all the HDRIs included in this pack, you can comfortably say that you have the necessary resources to start creating any project professionally. You will find a very balanced pack that covers almost any situation you need to represent.
  • You will get a lot of different moods such as stormy, completely clear skies, and partially clouded (even with rainbows!) at different times of the day. Moreover, don’t forget that each one will get you a different lighting sensation for every angle you rotate them! You will get endless moods!
  • A product with a very versatile license that will be useful for most (if not every) of the works that every 3D artist, freelancer, studio or company have to face every day.
  • A pack that can be used in lots of different fields such as architectural rendering, VFX, character lighting or video games to name a few!


Before and after retouching. Pre retouched (Not enough lighting contrast and sun streaks wrapping around the surface) vs Final retouch (Corrected lighting contrast info and 0 artifacts) 

  • 0 Artifacts. Each map has been carefully retouched to remove artifacts like sun flares, dust particles, birds, chromatic aberration, bad stitching, or strange shadows.
  • Also, the sun was retouched to avoid artifacts during rendering (it is usually caused in many render engines when the sun is too small).
  • Real High Dynamic Range Images files. The brightness of each HDRI was carefully adjusted to keep the series accurate and consistent. You will not have to worry about correcting or adding auxiliary light emitters to get sharp shadows.
  • Each panorama was taken with high-end lenses to get sharp images and to avoid chromatic aberration.
  • Real skies. These are not CGI representations. You will find the beautiful randomness of nature in each one!

Ease of use

Test done in Blender + Luxcore using the preview HDRIs included. 

  • HDRI maps are specially retouched to ensure a very easy to use / “Load and ready” workflow. You will not need to do anything else! The HDRI will work fine just out of the box. You will only have to adjust the brightness of it according to the kind of shot you want to achieve.
  • Real horizons. You will see the sky without any obstacle (mountains, trees, buildings, etc). Also, the horizon line is slightly under the “3D universe horizon line” to ensure that the dome will always cover the hemisphere.


  • You will find the sun centered in each image to easily change the different skies without the need to worry about the angle.
  • Each HDRI is tested and improved up to the point where we can ensure that you will be able to make extremely professional looking renders with ease.
  • Tested in many 3D applications to guarantee it works in all usable platforms the same way pretended.


  • A fair starting price to let you get a high-end product. You would be needing at least double the amount if you buy them individually and (in many cases) you will not be getting the same product quality.
  • Different tiers for different budgets! By choosing any of them you will get the same product. Please, see below our further explanation.


  • Super optimized High-Resolution files. You will not only get very high-quality images but also you will find that all of our panoramas are very light compared to many other ones (even at a smaller size) due to the special retouching process we made with them. The average size of our 15K ones is 80mb (max. 135mb).
  • You will get each sky in 3 versions. A Super High Resolution (HDR) + Fast load Low Res (HDR) + Panorama preview (PNG) resolution. The last 2 are extremely useful to make the process of deciding which one to use a lot faster.

Well organized and tagged

  • Each HDRI is semantically named to easily find the one you need. Each one will be named as follows: “Approx % of clouds - Day style - Type of shadow - Time - Unique code.HDR”.

What is the difference between the price tags?

We want to be really sincere with you. We are a small studio and we know that not everybody has Pixar’s budget.

That is why we decided that the best way to offer this product and be fair is by splitting it by ranges. The "Personal/Freelancer" is for everybody who develops his work on his own. The studio one is when you are already scaling up as a service provider and the company one is for those who are already settled. The revenue is meant to be considered as orientation when deciding.

To be clear there are no differences either in terms of quality (you will receive the same product) nor in terms of license type (you will be able to use them for commercial and personal works).

In addition to this, we set the price at the lowest we believe it can be affordable for those different tiers and fair for our work / effort.

The decision of which "price tag" to choose relies absolutely upon you, and we decided to trust you!

Renders by Pablo Daniel Ruggeri Acción Arstation - Behance


Please feel free to directly contact us at: 

[email protected]



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