Eevee Shaders

by New Media Supply in Materials, Shaders, Textures

How do I install the package? 

Unzip the file in a location you prefer.  Don't change the internal folder structure.  Open Blender 2.80 and navigate to the unzipped EEVEE-shaders folder.  In the folders Shaders_L1, Shaders_L2, Shaders_L3 and ShadersAdv you will find the Blendfiles containing scene with the material in the neutral environment and albedo grey card.  You can also append the materials in Blender if you only want to import the materials.  

The blendfile NormalMakerBaker is to bake normal from the bottom plane to the top plane.  Documentation will follow later.   

With the blendfile NormalMixer you can blend or mix the normal textures if you need more normal maps.  

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