Easy Modular Offset

by Seamless Modular Offset in Scripts and Addons

Easy Modular Offset is a simple modeling Add-on for Blender. It facilitates the creation of seamlessly tile-able assets, which can be used for example in modular kits. 

This short animation shows a simple example of how EZModular Offset is used. First, the object is offset by 1 unit in the +Y direction, wrapping seamlessly across the -Y boundary. This allows boundary-crossing details to be modeled.  The object is offset again by the same amount, returning it to its original configuration with the new boundary geometry added. The model can now be seamlessly repeated. 

 This workflow is familiar to artists who use 2d image editing software to create tiling textures. Applying this simple concept to 3d assets makes modular assets drastically easier to create.  It is much easier to demonstrate than it is to describe, so please check out my video documentation for more info. 

Current Limitations (v 1.1) : 

-Tile size is fixed at 2x2x2BU  (Workaround: scale the asset after it's completed or create a composite tile)

-Tile origin must be 0,0,0 (Workaround: translate the asset after it's completed)

-Blender must be set to use Blender Units for scale 

These will be addressed in future point updates!