E-Cycles With All Updates Of 2019

by Mathieu in Scripts and Addons

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  • Damir Simovski 19 days ago

    Great Speed Up of all your Renderings. Brings Cycles to the Top of your Render Engines!

  • blenderdeluxe about 2 months ago

    That is incredible! on interior scene with blender builds bots take 7 minutes with 800 samples and E-cycles with 13300 samples take 2 minutes! so fast! thnks so much! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/8lLBP6

  • Ayasz 2 months ago

    Recently had a short animation with animated flames and without ecycles AI denoiser it would not have been possible to render at all. The flames noise was just too overwhelming for the built in denoiser to deal with, but the AI cleaned it up really nicely. It also completed the render using a ryzen 2700x and 2x 1070ti all working on the same instance in 49 hours vs 92 hours on the standard build. Big difference, just about paid itself off in a single render. I would highly recommend. Mathieu has also been going out of his way with me constantly bothering him about ecycles not working with my Linux distro, can't speak highly enough of him and the program, another one of those amazing Blender community individuals. Throw some money at him and enjoy this amazing renderer.

  • Philip Tyrer 3 months ago

    So good when it doesn't crash. Twice as fast as current 2.8 build but sadly I can't really use it on this simple scene as its crashing when rendering.

    • Mathieu Menuet 3 months ago

      Hi Philip,
      it's a Windows "Feature" for gamers that need to be dactivated just like for substance Painter and Octane. Everything is in the PDF documentation. You can also contact me if you have any questions.

  • Lionel Alvergnas 3 months ago

    One word: WOW!!! It's really faster than Blender standard Cycles! In my case (Win 10 pro on i7-3930K @ 3.5GHz, 32Gb DDR3 and 3 GPU, GTX1080, GTX970 and Quadro K2200), it's between 2x to 4x according to the scenes.
    I've had some CUDA crashs, but Mathieu explained to me the good configuration for my windows and now, all are okay!
    It's a very good addon, with a very cool developer!!!

  • Bennie Griffin 3 months ago

    Exceptional! Definitely a must have!

  • Zophiekat 3 months ago

    The advertisement for 2x rendering or more is not marketing, it is actual black magic!

    Rendering with E-Cycles feels much faster, cleaner, faster, smoother, did I say faster already?. Rendering animations would take up to weeks depending of your graphics cards, with E-Cyles it takes days. This add-on makes your GPUs instantly upgrade from a GTX1070 to a RTX2080ti !

    you also get more control over how your scene will render making it much faster. Even if you are not an advanced user, it comes with 5 presets making it much easier to setup and it allows you to create your own presets as well, 5/5

  • brent3d 3 months ago

    Simply incredible!! I get 2x+ faster GPU renders on average...clean and beautiful. On one 3-GPU machine using E-Cycles we render at either the same speed or faster than our Octane/Blender which uses 2x 3-GPU machines across a network using the exact same GPU types. Brilliant!

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