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Blender 3.0 will bring significant speed-up for volumetrics and nebulae rendering. E-Cycles Nebulae development will be stopped. This version is only usefull if you need to stay on 2.93. Otherwise, I recommend using either using Blender 3.0 when released or E-Cycles 2022 if you need more features.

Awesome in Space!

E-Cycles Nebulae Edition is the fastest version of Blender you can find for your space renders. Higly specialized, this build of Blender knows only one thing, nebulaes but it renders them up to 40x faster at comparable quality and out of the box. This is especially useful if you’ve followed Gleb Alexandrov's space VFX tutorial, or bought the Nebulae Generator. This version will only be updated for stable releases of Blender.

New!!! Distant World 2 trailer by Tim Barton was rendered 100% in E-Cycles nebulae edition:

Note: for general purpose rendering, please use the Pro/Studio version of E-Cycles available here. This is a full build of Blender for Windows and Linux (no Mac version for now), not a nebulae preset nor generator. If you are looking for a generator of nebulae, I recommend this one.

The page is in WIP state and is published as is to allow artists to not wait too much. More description will come later. In the mean time, you can see what artists have made with it :)

Presentation of Gleb Alexandrov showing E-Cycles benefits (E-Cycles part starts at 26:25):

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