E-Cycles Ai Denoiser

by Mathieu in Scripts and Addons

Tired of connecting nodes for every projects. The AI denoising node of 2.81 gives blurry results? E-Cycles AI denoiser gets you the best denoising quality with a very fast setup and is compatible with Blender 2.81+ (up to 2.90 currently).

Example with E-Cycles AI denoiser and 4x less sample to render 4x faster while retaining more details. Comparison by Marvin L├╝bke.

16 samples render of the interior scene 009 from Evermotion 

Preserve all the details of your renders thanks to state-of-the-art techniques while benefiting from the best possible performance. E-Cycles AI denoiser manages all the work for you from creation to maintenance over time when your project evolves. Easy to use, flexible and delivering top quality E-Cycles AI denoiser is made for you.

E-Cycles AI Denoiser:

- delivers the best quality possible for your projects

16 samples render of the interior scene 009 from Evermotion. Side by side comparison.

- do all the work of creating and optimizing the node tree for you

All the needed passes are added, the node groups and connections are automatically created with a single click. You can choose the level of grain with just a simple slider and without re-rendering, the image will update automatically

- allows to quickly switch between quality and speed in 2 clicks (select option, regenerate)

- integrates the denoising node tree in your existing node tree

- allows to target the view layers you want to denoise, each view layer can use different settings

It also adapt to existing node trees. Here the 2 glare nodes were connected to the image output. E-Cycles AI denoiser takes care of all existing connections for you.

- can optimize the tree and adapt to changes you make to your scene to offer the best performance and quality

- make it easy to choose the level of grain you want, to give the perfect look to your renders

Note: Require latest Blender 2.81 and up to work. This add-on is already included in E-Cycles.