DynRemesh 1.5

by AlbertoFX in Scripts and Addons

Installation: Install from zip in addon preferences. Enable, & it will be located in the tools tab. Please make sure you have the latest Blender version(2.79b)!!

DynRemesh is an anistropic quad-based remesher, assisting in topology for your dyntopo sculpts & 3dscans containing a large amount of tris. 

When working with any sculpt in general, you need clean topology in order for you to work with your assets.

Remesh your high poly assets in a click!


  • Single-click solution
  • Control over density( Decimation/Subdivision)
  • Simple UI

What to expect in upcoming versions(v2.0):

  • UI redesign
  • Weight Paint Operator(Define density with weights)
  • Symmetry Support(Experimental)
  • Relax + Smooth options
  • Auto-Update(Update mesh when changing settings)
  • Improvements to the resulting remesh
  • Support for QuadriFlow(Linux & Windows)
  • Retopology as you sculpt(Dyntopo Feature)


Development Log:

WIP Auto-Retopology as you sculpt with Dynamic topology

WIP Symmetry Test(2.0)

WIP Implementation of QuadriFlow(AutoFlow). 

Will also include symmetry & additional options(2.0)

Works best with non-complex meshes. Sculpts like heads, rocks, etc. should work fine.

For Decimate Parameter:

Choose the amount to decimate before remeshing.

Subdivision Parameter:

This is how much smooth-subdivision is applied after remesh.

Once you have your  options, go ahead & click on the 'Remesh' button.

See video demo:


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  • Marc Draco 20 days ago

    It's not quick (but that's a Python issue) however, it's well worth the wait (which may be in terms of minutes) to convert ugly 3D scan topo into something you can actually work with!

    I'd like to see a more detailed examination of the parameters in the documentation - because I'd like to hit a reasonable sweet-spot before I hit the remesh button and sit chewing my fingers down to the bone though. :)

    This really is a cracking piece of software worth every last thin dime of the very reasonable asking price. Aleberto has done the Blender community a real favour with this. Honestly this should be included as standard but they guy deserves recompense for his work. Well done and I look forward to seeing future revisions.

    • Alberto Gonzalez 18 days ago

      Hey Marc Thanks for your feedback! I am working on improving the speed, so I hope to include multi-threaded execution. I will update documentation once I get v2.0 ready so I can Include updated features. You can follow latest development on my twitter @AFX_LAB Thanks for your support!

  • mukhtar abdullah about 2 months ago

    nice and simple addon..
    but when I "remesh" why go to "sculpt mode"?

    • Alberto Gonzalez about 2 months ago

      Because this tool is dedicated for dyntopo sculpts, I decided to keep sculpt mode enabled so you can get back to sculpting, but I guess it would make sense to make it optional. I will go ahead & add that option once I release version 2.0. Thanks for your feedback!

  • Andreas Leiner 2 months ago

    Over 180 sales and no review until now...
    This addon works really really good. Not always, but in most case it´s perfect.
    Instant clean topology with only one click. Incredible.
    Five stars from me.

    • Alberto Gonzalez about 2 months ago

      I appreciate the feedback! I've been improving it along with other tools, preparing them from 2.8 (:

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