Decorative Branch With Flowers Of Sakura

by wazzabi in Models

3d model decorative branch with flowers of sakura.
created Blender Version 2.79 (used shader Principled BSDF)
Blender scene - cycles render (render preview images). Unit presets - metric.
Geometry: Polygonal Quads/Tris
subdivision level - Vertices: 285081, Polygons: 198545

Objects UV mapping (branch, flower).

_ objects 3d scene _
1. name:(branch),   number of seats:(1), material (1), map:(diffuse, bump, normal-map, specular)
2. name:(flowers),   number of seats:(1), material (2), map:(diffuse, normal-map, bump)
3. name:(vase),   number of seats:(1), material (1)
4. name:(water),   number of seats:(1), material (1)

_ textures _
512 x 512 - number of seats:(1)
1024 x 1024 - number of seats:(2)
2048 x 2048 - number of seats:(3)

_ All formats _
*FBX, *OBJ formats has a very basic materials this models may have a different result then advertising images. Materials will need to be recreated and textures reapplied for exchange formats.

Unzip the file and textures into a shared folder.