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The 3D shaker in cooperation with Vitaly Ilin proudly introduces The deciduous tree collection,  a collection of high-quality models of deciduous trees prepared for Blender and Cycles. It’s the best collection of deciduous trees ever made for the Blender community.  Each tree was made with professional tools as well as with attention to a realistic look and details.

Here you can download a free 3D model of the Cherry tree.

If you are looking for the best quality deciduous trees for your renderings, don’t look any further! Here you can find amazing high-poly and low-poly models with the most realistic leaves and textures on the market!

With all the materials set up for Cycles, it makes it a fast and easy one-click solution for landscapes in all your most exciting projects.

Leaves are made with alpha masks,  which means a lot of details as well as an optimized geometry.  

All materials are PBR (physically correct) and based on principled BSDF Cycles shader, so you can use them in Blender 2.79 as well as 2.80.
You are not an expert when it comes to Cycles shaders? No problem! We´ve made customizable node groups for you. In this way, you can easily control the main aspects of the material, for example, hue, saturation or brightness. This gives you full control over your model without the need to dig through the node set-ups.

Most of the trees* come in two material variations, Summer and Autumn. You can easily switch between them with one click.  

*some of the trees have flowers, so make no sense to create an autumn version.

Models of trees have quite dense geometry, which´s great for a realistic look, but it consumes your GPU or CPU memory. To solve this issue, we prepared a Lowpoly version (for most of the trees *), which has 4 times fewer vertices than the original model without significant losing quality. 

*few of the trees don´t come with low poly version, because they have already very optimized geometry so further decimation would ruin the quality of mesh in a significant way.

There are plenty of various kinds of deciduous trees around the world, we prepared for you 11 different species: Ash, Bird Cherry, Birch, Black Locust, Elm, Cherry, Chestnut, Linden, Maple, Rowan, Malus Hybridus, Amelanchier.

Don´t waste time creating trees on your own. If you would like to make trees in a similar quality, you have to buy expensive software, spend a lot of hours learning how to use it and then, even more hours working on your trees. So do yourself a favor, and focus on your job. Spend more time with lighting, composition or playing with your dog and we will provide trees for you. 

The full Deciduous collection consists of 104 high-quality 3D models. If you don´t need all of those models, you can buy a smaller version which includes 55 models. If you are not sure whether these trees are suitable for you, try a free sample and decide later.  

If you would like to know more about the Coniferous tree pack, visit leave us a message.

Did you buy a small version and want more? Use Code UPGRADEDECI and save 50 percent off full version and easily upgrade your library. Please note: The code is valid only if you did buy a smaller version first.

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