Cycles Random Texture Node

by Duarte Ramos in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Cycles Random Texture Node


Ever wanted to create a Cycles material with random colors or textures? Quickly and easily create variation on any set of objects, with a simple material node that randomly changes it's appearance for every object.

Useful for quickly adding depth and variation to your render, quickly filling in a scene's background or breaking repetition for secondary or filler objects. Don't bother setting them up manually laboriously placing different objects one by one, let Cycles Random Texture node randomize it for you from any batch of user defied colors or textures with a configurable number of slots. Good for tree leaves or vegetation, books, product packaging like cans, boxes, bags; banknotes, bricks or stone blocks and many more.


  • Works with all independent object types:
    • Inside particle systems
    • Duplis (vertex, face, group)
    • Or any set of regular independent objects
  • Every image slot is totally independent
    • Use any set of separate image files with completely different formats
    • Combine plain colors, image files or procedural textures seamlessly
    • Completely independent set of UVs for each and every slot
    • Use it multiple times in any part of the shader tree (alphas, masking, diffuse colors or any other), order is kept in sync for every object
  • Up to 20 different colors or textures
  • GPU Rendering compatible - Because it is a regular builtin Cycles node (no OSL or fancy gimmics) it renders seamlessly on CPU or CUDA

20 textures not enough, need more? Easily expand the grouped node setup by copying it yourself and extend to whatever desired texture count you like.