Customizable Wood Flooring Materials For Archviz

by HDRi Pro in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Customizable Photorealistic Wood Flooring Materials for Archviz and other applications

Tired of loading textures and editing various nodes every time? With this custom node package you'll have full control of the material in a single node.

In this package of 8 photorealistic wood flooring materials you will be able to control in one place:

1 - Hue
2 - Saturation
3 - Value
4 - Roughness
5 - Add dust
6 - Add surface imperfections at roughness level
7 - Strength bump (displacement map)
8 - Strength of normal map
9 - Mapping (location, rotation, scale)

How does it work?

Simple as that! Just append the material from the .blend file! That's all. Check out the simple steps in the documentation, or watch the demo video. If you encounter any difficulty do not hesitate to contact me!

PBR Materials (8 Wood Flooring)

All custom nodes are PBR materials, with the Metallic-Roughness workflow and have the following textures packaged in the blend file:

- Base Color
- Roughness
- Displacement Map
- Normal Map

- Resolution 4K (4096x4096px)


Contains assets from, licensed under CC0 1.0 Universal.