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Cutout (CTT) can generate Multi-Layer Meshes with Dynamic Cutouts. You can use these Meshes for Mograph Tunnels.

Currently, the add-on has to preset meshes with a Quadratic and Triangle Base Shape.



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You simply press "Create Base Shape", and then you have your modifiable object.



Simply change the Subdivisions:

You can adjust the number of Outer/Inner Layers:

If you have, for example, Layer 1 activated and then activate Layer 2, you will create two new Layers. For every existing Layer, a new Layer is created.

You can change the Structure/Pattern of the Mesh in different ways.

Change the Strength:

Change the Base Texture:

Afterwards, you can Apply all Modifiers and Clean Up the Mesh through the Decimation Modifier. Further Edge Clean Up through Delete Loose.

Further Usage:

You can Hide the Outer Object and Reduce the Strength of the visible Inner Object, which you then deform and change.

You can make your Base Mesh more Round.

Planned Updates are,

that you can apply this effect to an Object of your choice.

Perhaps new Preset Meshes, but if the user has the first option, it becomes more or less obsolete.

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Published about 1 month ago
Software Version 2.93, 3.0, 3.1
License GPL
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