Creative Bundle

by Blender Guppy in Scripts and Addons

This contains Ice Tools Pro, Cuber, Dyntopo Plus, Tracklights and the Grunge Node.

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PDF Guide is available in the download files. (PDF Guides for Ice Tools, Dyntopo Plus and Tracklights is work in progress and will be available soon.)

Pie menu hotkeys: Ctrl+Shift+X for Ice Tools Pro, Alt+X for Cuber, Shift+X for Dyntopo Plus in sculpt mode.

Works for Blender version 2.9+

These Blender 3d add-ons are mainly designed for rapid environmental hard surface modeling for concept art and character modelling but can be used for many other situations as well such as creating movie or game assets and can also serve as an all around modelling support tool.

You can also purchase this in Gumroad.

Visit my Patreon for free .blend scenes where the add-ons are used.

Check out the read_me file for installation instructions, contacts and resources.

Download files has backward versions for compatibility purposes . Use the latest numbered version.

* All updates are free.